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By Isaac Mozeson

Deborah's Interpretive Dance


Regina writes from Germany:

"I find it interesting that the Hebrew bee ,  דבורה  DiBHoaRaH has  דבר  DaBHaR  (speech, communication) as its root.

So it is a speaking animal by its movements giving messages to the others.  Long before mankind found this out, our Creator already laid this into the word  'deborah.' "

Other animals are more audible or visible as communicators, but the most detailed data is conveyed by the bee.    Rabbi Dr. Google provides the following:

How do the bees communicate  vital information?  The location of the food source is indicated by the rhythm of the dance and by the orientation of the axis of the tail with respect to gravity . If the food source is near the hive, a "round" dance is performed.  A "tail-wagging" dance indicates that the food source is more than 80 meters (260 feet) away.  This dance transmits precise information about direction as well as distance.  The number of dance cycles performed by the bee in a certain length of time is inversely related to the distance of the food source.  Thus, about 10 cycles are performed every 15 seconds for a food source 100 meters (330 feet) away, but only one cycle is made in that period if the food source is 10,000 meters (33,000 feet) away.
We must collect Edenic words that point to a pre-human, superhuman designer.  Besides all the nifty architectonics that make other languages look like babble,  it's words like that above that can be the bee in a bonnet for people who still think and wonder.

How DID the  Proto-Semitic cavemen figure out that the ear was the organ of balance, and then name the    אזן OZeN  (ear) for balance    אזן   EeZain?   And which bright Late Stone Age Proto-Semitic wordsmiths named the class of birds who mostly balance in thermal drafts by the same balancing term?

Quantity is quality. There will be a tipping point for the idols of incorrect language history.  The idols will lose their balance and shatter.

Posted from Israel, where the monetary unit, the Sheqel, is from שקל   SHaQeL, to weigh or SCALEץ.

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