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By Isaac Mozeson

Bo[E]R, BABY, Bo[E]R


Bet-Ayin-Resh  בער   Bo[E]R (burn) is the source of  BURN, and a score of words (just in English, mind you)  that come from all the the available letter shifts.  The Bet/ B  allows for lip-letter shifts BH, F, P, V  and W.   The Resh/ R  can shift to the other tongue letter: L

Heat is used in lots of food preparation, so there are lots of food words in the partial list below:

 BRaise, BARm, BeeR,  BoiL, BouiLLon,  BRead, , BREW,  BRoil, BRoth, eBuLLient,  FERment, FERvent, FERvid,  FevoR,  FiRe (the extension  means the noun "fire"),  FURnace, eFFERvesce, FiRe, FRy, PyRe, and sauerBRaten. 

 Why isn't BARbecue on the list?  It comes from Taino, and means a framework of sticks. 

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