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By Isaac Mozeson

Isaac Discovers GRAVITY


 גבע  GeV[A]h is a hill.  Gimel-Bhet-Resh/GVR is about that weight of being on top. 
A   GVeeYR is a man of gravitas who can push his weight around. Shuffling GVR to GRV we can see how  גבר GaVaR (to overpower)  is about GRAVITY.

The entry:


GRAV(ITY)     Ga[V]aR      Gimel-Bhet-Resh

Gov-ARE ____     __גבר____ _____[G(V)Rà GR(V)]

ROOTS:   Latin gravis (weighty) is traced to the IE “root” gwer (heavy).

Isaac Newton’s law of GRAVITATIONAL force is all about the overpowering of relative weights.


In the Flood of Genesis 7:24 the waters “swelled” (JPS) or “prevailed “ apon the earth (KJV).  JPS tries to be literally descriptive, but the KJV is closer to the Gimel-Bhet-Resh of  גבורה Gi(V)OORaH (strength, might) seen at CRAFT.


  Weight is power.  See BARON for humans  with GRAVITAS who throw their weight around.  A גבר Ge(V)eR is a mighty warrior. When Moslems say  Allahu akbar, they are saying that God is powerful or great, with the Gimel-Bhet-Resh sense that Allah is weighty, the heavyweight champion. 


A crushing tragedy is a GRIEVOUS or GRAVE one. ג-ב-ר    Gimel-Bhet-Resh may be divided into two sub-roots.  For the Gimel-Bhet of height (of the upper hand), see GIBBON.   For the  -ב-ר Bhet-Resh andר-ב   Resh-Bhet of might and volume, see BARON and RIFE  (where the Bhet-Resh subroot of גבר   GaBHaR (overpowered, thus outweighed ) is reversed.


A synonym by metathesis is   בגר BoGaiR (mature, ripe… thus large) – see BIG.


BRANCHES:   Greek, barus (heavy) and baros (weight) gave English  BARITONE, BARIUM,  BRUTE and ISOBAR. 




These words are broght together by the Amer. Heritage Dict., and their Indo-European  “root” gwera (heavy) resembles a heavy word like  עפרת GHOAFeReS ("lead' - Numbers 31:22). 


 The heaviness, weigh and GRAVITAS is seen in Spanish words like gravaman, tax burden; grave, severe, heavy; gravedad, gravity and gravoso, heavy.  Another official cognate, GURU (venerable, heavy—from Hindi and Sanskrit), recallsגביר  G[V]eeYR (master, lord – see BARON).


See BAROMETER, BRIO, “KRAFT” and VIGOR for more on Gimel-Bhet-Resh.  More weight at HEFT.


Posted from the high hills and steep valleys of Sfat,

where gravity can be tricky.

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