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By Isaac Mozeson

checking the morning STOCK


בקר     BaQaR,  cattle, is behind the cattleman or BUCKAROO, ALBACORE tuna, the VACINE  (from vacca the Latin cow) and a metathesis of Bet-Koof-Resh, to KRBor  CARIBOU. Reindeer are the "cattle" of the Arctic.


But why does

 בקר     BoaQeR also mean morning, and to come examine.

 Could there be a connection to cattle?



In Numbers 38:5 “morning”  is the time of clarification.  A farmer’s net worth was his lifestock.  In the morning he inspects the barn to see which cattle were born or healed, died or sickenend.  Such was the daily stock market report of old.


Posted from Sefad when cows graze near the road to the Golan.

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