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By Isaac Mozeson

The Beard: the world's SAGEbrush


The bearded Semite, the philosopher-king Solomom or perhaps as far back a patriarch as
Shem son of Noah, has made the beard an icon of sagacity
even to distant peoples who can't grow beards, and should never have seen bearded Semites or Europeans.

As usual, Edenic says it all.  In Biblical Hebrew  זקן Zayin-Koof-
Noon means 1) elder (cheiftan) and 2) a beard.

In the tombs of Mayan chiefs in Central American they found the ceremonial strap-on beards that they wore for gravitas.

The Egyptian pharaohs had better royal chemists, so these beardless Africans had glued-on fake beards. It only looked bad on a woman pharaoh. (All royal Firstborn males had died -- see Riddle of the Exodus at

Also smooth-skinned, a Chinese elder will grow 20 chin hairs for 65 years to wear the dignity and authority he has earned.

 The Alqonquian indians use the word  קן ZaQeN (elder and beard)  to name their tribal elders/leaders:  the SaCHeM and the SaGaMore.

Posted while stroking my beard, small for Safed standards, and remembering my boyhood address on Sagamore street in Plymouth, Mass.

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