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By Isaac Mozeson

Letters Are Only Numbers


So letter Shin is not "Shin", or teeth. Shin is 300. Bet is NOT a house, not even close. The Paleo-Hebrew people, even the religious ones, have fallen into the secular academic trap that the Hebrew letters were pictures by humans, and were evolved by men.

The whole story is in The Origin of Speeches.

. Briefly, the scribes brought the Sacred Alphabet underground when the common people were forgetting it in favor of the Lingua Franca, Aramaic  ( later, assimilationists favored Greek). Japanese scribes similarly hid their ancient phonetic script when the people fell for Chinese. But only the Hebrew Alef-Bet (later the language) was able to be revived. The name Alef-Bet is human, a step down for the letters that depict only the air movement in pronunciation.

Ezra the Scribe did not INVENT the boxy Torah script, he re-introduced in after the Babylonia Exile.
The commoners who lost the Aleph-Bet went and developed a facsimile based on pictographs. Instead of Mem, only earlier  number 40, they drew wavy lives to evoke MaYiM (water).  Primitive, but that's how the rabble works.

They want to name the letters, as they named days of the week and months of the year. Of course they honored idolatry with names like Thor's Day  January for Janus  or the Babylonian |Jewish" month names like Tammuz.  The Lord only had the number of days to the Sabbath -- the intended human focus of the week.  Months were named NUMBERS  in Torah by how long after the Exodus they ocurred.

Paleo Hebrew  is man-centered error.
, and beloved religious giants of Paleo-Hebrew  like Jeff Benner, who was Edenics'  first webmaster, have careers based on errors..

Does GFod have an eye that he would have a letter based on a picture? If Aleph never was meant to depict an ox, that would explain why the anacronistically-named Ktav Ashurit Alef looks nothing like an ox.

It's also obvious which came first.|Paleo" is for ink on paper. The Torah's squarish leters are for hammer and chisel.

The Torah Bet is NOT a house, not ANY name. Is is the number two. As heard in BOTH or seen in the Arabic # 2.

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