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By Isaac Mozeson

Chinese signs and wonders


נס Nai$, sign, ensign (flag), visible wondrous event, … miracle (Numbers 26:10). Reverse N-S for one of the Edenic sources of SIgN.

The miraculous "sign" above is reversed  to S-N in Chinese: shen   is a miracle,

or something supernatural, mythic.

Biblical miracles are often tests, signs of passing or failing faith.

נסה Nah$ayH is to prove, test ( I Kings 10:1).

This again appears in a reversed,   whistling-nasal Chinese word.

 Try, test, examine, bring to trial is  also shen

Mazal Tov to the musician formerly known as Melody Pau
 of Hong Kong and Toronto on completing her long conversion to Judaism. It's the third Chinese reversal in this post.  All too often it is the born Jews who become Bhudists.

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