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By Isaac Mozeson

gotta get my mind outta the sewer


German sewer is Naherin.  נהר  NaHaR is a stream, a flow:  source of words like (N-R reversals) RHINE, RHINO (words from the Greek nose, that runny body part), RHONE, RUN, INERT and NILE  (Resh/R to L liquid shift). 

A SEWER means a man-made stream to lead away rainwater and liquid waste.
It looked TOO good, so I asked our German Edenicist to check the etymology.

Sorry Regina, it was my mistake. My German dict. mean by "SEWER," one who sews. WE don't use "sewer"  in English.  I'm used to English errors in my Chinese dict, but not in my German one. 

You just can't be too careful,  if you want to patch together the planet's tattered words.
My Physical Therapist would have been proud. I went out in the bright sunshine, took off my glasses, and after ten minutes, I threaded a needle.

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