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By Isaac Mozeson

AMERIND 1, Beginning with Quechua (Inca)


 To honor Indigenous Peoples day in the New World, we are beginning a series of AMERIND posts on languages of the language superfamily of the American Indians.

Our star Edenicist, Fernando Aedo, happens to be a Peruvian. At least 85% of our Amerind data is from him. He began researching before there was an Edenics project. One of his first efforts back in the 1980s was with Quechua (Inca) and Semitic.

The format is not similar to how we now display data, but one can still see how strongly a case is made for a Quechua connection to the prehistoric language of Eden (best documented by Biblical Hebrew).

Here is the first section:

INCA  (Quechua) – EDENIC       (

  Key:  Quechua (Inca) = (Q) Biblical  Hebrew =  (H)   [ENTRY for verses, cognates, etc.]


(Q) ALQO = n. dog. [reverse root letters]

 (H) QeLeV , Koph-Lamed-Vet = n.  dog;  KaLBu in

 related Semitic dialects.   ]  כלב   LOBO[


 (Q)   AQARWITU = small crop-destructive  lizard;  (Q)

 (Q) [NIN]AQ'ARA scorpion.

 (H)    ]A[QRa]V[ =  scorpion ; עקרב [CRAB]

(H) AKBaR = mouse, אכבר  


 (Q)   ARPHA = adj.   shadowy, having cloudy vision.

 (H) ARaPHeL, Ayin-Raish-Phey-Lamed  =  n. thick  cloud,   ערפל


    (Q) ATIY n. power, ability, v. to be able.

   (H)  YaD  Yod-Dalet  (reverse and shift Dental Y  to  D)  = n.  hand, power,

           Strength יד  [JET, KARATE]


 (Q)  AYSANA  = n. balance  

  (H) A ZeeN,  Aleph-Zayin-Noon = v. to balance,

 מזנים     MoaZNaYiM = n.   scales, balance  ( root  is AZN). אזן OZeN is the ear,  nature’s organ of balance   (discovered only recently) and the עזניה  [O]ZNeeYaH is the spread-eagled raptor that balances in the air currents.  [AUDIENCE]


(Q) CAMAC = the Creator

(H)  QOOM  קום = v. to give rise to; YiQOOM יקום  , creation, that which stands  [MAKE]

 (Q)   CHAKA = n. bridge, thigh, leg.

 (H) SHOAQ,  Shin-Vav-Koof = n. thigh, foreleg שוק  [CUISSE]


   (Q) CH'ENQO n. small boy.

  (H) TeeYNOAQ  Toph-Yod-Noon-Vav-Quf  - n, baby, תינוק

     YoaNaiQ ,  Yod-Noon-Koof- n. suckling – [YOUNG]


   (Q) COMAS = n. height, elevation.

   (H)  QoaMaH, Koof-Mem-Hey = n.  size, height,  קמהKaMaH =  standing corn,         קם       KooM! = get up!


  (Q)  HIT'IY = v. jump from fright.

  (H)   [K]HeeTaH , Het-Toph-Hey = n. fear, terror חתה  [HATE]

  (Q) KUTUNA  =  a blouse, long shirt

 (H)   KiToaNeT =  shirt, coat, tunic    כתנת [COTTON]

 (Q) KUNAN adj./adv. today, now

 (H) KAhN,  Kaph-Aleph-Noon =  adv, here, now   כאן  


(Q)    LLOQSIY = v. leave, go out, exit.

 (H)    (K)HooTS, חוץ  Het-Vav-Tsadi = pro. outside, הוציא  HOATSeeYE,

 Hey-Vav-Tsadi-Yod-Aleph    = v. to take out  [EXIT]


Fernando is presenting Edenics to a conference in his current home city of Geneva, Switzerland.  Probably in French, in which he is as fluent as in Spanish and English.

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