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By Isaac Mozeson

A Flotilla of Gaza Words


Light, open weave cotton, GAUZE,  was named after its place of origin
- the Strip.

 Not Vegas, GAZA.

עזה [A]ZaH or GHaZaH was once peopled by the savage Philistines, lending little nobility to all who might call themselves Palestinians.

Mentioned as early as Genesis 10:4 and as late as Zechariah 9:5, עזה  [A]ZaH ( Gaza ) provides us with a topical reminder to often pronounce the Ayin as a hard GH.         

 עז Ayin-Zayin means strong. See “GES-UNDHEIT.”

 The  following ע-ז Ayin-Zayin words defined by Ben-Yehuda's are relevant to GAZA :

 עז Ayin-Zayin [A]hZ, to take refuge, עז [A]iZ, she-goat,

עז [O]aZ strength,  עזאזל [A]ZAZeL (demon, hell),

עזב [A]ZahBH (to leave, abandon, to help) [oxymoronic] ,   עזוב

[A]ZOOBH (forsaken),  עז [A]ZOOBHaH (desolation),

 עזוז [A]ZOOZ (strength, fierceness), עזור [A]ZOOR (helped), and  עזות [A]ZOOT (impudence).


Nם longer posted from Sderot, a stone's throw from Gaza.

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