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By Isaac Mozeson

ARAONA (Amazonian)



ARAONA  (Amazonian)  from    EDENIC     [Fernando Aedo] Part I

Note:  The Edenics-deniers who claim that non-coincidences of ours have been borrowed from Semitic speakers will now have to place historical Semites in the Amazon jungle.

Edenics prefers to consider prehistoric speakers of a Pre-Hebrew when we were one family before the breakup of the Earth and our Edenic language.

     Letter Shift Codes  A menorah of only 7 sounds, as all music is from 7 notes
All vowels are interchangeable, no letter shifts need be indicated.
S-B = bilabial shift [interchangeable lip letters: B, F, V, W],
S-F = fricative shift,[interchangeable whistling letters:  Soft C, S, TS]
S-G = guttural shift [interchangeable throat letters: Hard C, G, K, Q]
S-D = dental shift [interchangeable tooth letters: D, T, TS]
S-L = liquid shift [interchangeable tongue letters: L, R]
S-N = nasal shift  [interchangeable nose letter: M, N]
M = metathesis (root letters switch places. For example, an M213 metathesis is French blanc (white) coming from the second, first and third letters of Edenic LaBHaN (white).

ß = reverse the (root letters of) the Edenic word   
N  Nasalize the word with an added N or M 

Upper Case word in [brackets] is the Edenics dictionary entry to find all Biblical citations and Semitic and world cognates.

Key to romanized Hebrew Aleph-Bet:
Vowels in lower case. Root letters in Upper Case with [brackets] around unpronounced letters or non-historic ones in the derivative language.  5 Hebrew letters have end-forms.

Aleph א = A or any Upper Case VOWEL, Bet ב  = B, Bhet = BH or (V), Gimel  ג= G, Dalet = ד D, Hey  ה= H, Vav  ו= V, OO or OA, Zayinז  = Z,
Het   ח= [K]H or K[H], Tetט  = DT, Yod  י= Y, Kahf כ, ך  K, Khaf = KH, Lamed  ל= L, Memמ,ם  = M, Noonנ  = N, Samekh  ס= $, Ayin  ע= bracketed UPPER CASE [VOWEL] or GH,

 Pey פ,ף  = P, Phey = PH or F, Zaddi  צ,ץ= TS (always read ST in European), Koof  ק= Q,
Raish  ר= R or WR, Shin  ש= SH, Sin = S, Tahf   ת= T, TH, or (S).

    A-ABA,  love, affection  <  S-B  AHaBHaH  אהבה,  love    [AVARICE]

     A-ABALIPI , beautiful, pretty  <   S-B  S-L   P'ER פאר   , beauty, glory  [FAIR]

    A-APO , dark < S-B    [A]hBH  עב    dense, dark,  cloud thicket  ]COVER[ 

    A-ASHO, warm, hot   <  AiSH  אש,  fire, fever  [ASH]

    ABICUE, heavy    <  ß KaBHaiD  כבד , heavy  [HEFT]

    ABITSO, to be sore, in pain   <   [E]TSeBH  עצב, pain, hurt, sorrow [STAB]

    ACALICALI, wavy, curly (hair, feathers)  <  $iLSail   סלסל to curl hair  [SLOLEM]

    ACUIZA , thorn  <  S-F QOATS  קוץ,  thorn   [ACUTE]

    ADA ,  to join, to add   <  [O]aWD  עוד , further, in addition   [ADD]

    AJOLAJOLA, physically or emotionally weak  <  [K]HaLaH  חלה , feeble, sick  [ILL]

    ANI , to sit, stay at a site  <  [K]HaNaH חנה, to rest, make camp   [HAUNT]

    ANOTSA , resistant, hard  <  ß  AYTaN  איתן, strong, steadfast  [TONE]

    ALIQUIILIQUI, marshy, soft ground  <  S-L  1. LahK[H] לח , moisture, 2.  S-L  ReQe(V) רקב , humus, rot, decay [LIQUID]

    APATSAPATSA, to be flat and thin  <  ß TSaPeeY[K]HeeYT צפיחית  , flat cake, wafer [TOP]

    APOZE , to be sour, acidic  < S-B    S-F  BoSeR, sour grapes, unripe fruit  [BOLSHEVIK]

   COTSI,   ig  <  S-G  [K]HaaZeeYR  חזיר.   hog, boar, swine [HYOSCYAMINE]

   DOMI,   excrement, dirt, to defecate, feces  <    DoaMeN  דמן   manure, dung  [DEMOCRAT]

   EBO,   face   <  S-B  APHaYiM   אפים  , nostrils, face   [OPEN]

   ETSOA,   bone   <  [E]TSeM    עצם ,   Bone      [OSTEOMA]





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