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By Isaac Mozeson

The Talmud Has an Edenics Moment


It seems that even the legal-minded sages of the 1st Century Talmud accepted the Edenics (Genesis 11) thesis.

The Talmud says that  we know how there must be four sections for the tefillin shel rosh (prayer phylacteries)  from the foreign word in Exodus which describes this highly significant  ritual item : טוטפות   DToaDTaFoa(S).  " tat b'Kasfi shtayim, pas b'Afriki shtayim. "  That is, ' Four,  from the Caspian word for "two" (tat ) plus  an African word for "two" (pas, a form of BeiS, 2) ."

 The question was asked, "How could we use foreign words to learn a Biblical halacha (law)?"  An answer was that these words [, all human words, ] were originally
 [Pre-] Hebrew.   Every word, like every human, has intrinsic sanctity. 

Some words, and people, are just more difficult to recognize.

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