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By Isaac Mozeson




גלגלת GooLGoLeT (skull, head - Exodus 16:16) is named for its shape.  Rolling backwards towards the 2-letter root, סגלגל    $’GahLGahL is elliptical or oval;  עגל  [A]GoaL is round;   גל  GahL is a wave or mound.

The lexicographers scratch their head over this, not seeming to know that the initial S is bogus for most SK and SC words. The best they come up with for "skull" is an SKL term for a shell in Scandinavian dialect.

Linguists should have taken a hint from the Greek Bible's GOLGOTHA (a hill in Jerusalem called Place of the Skull).

Less gruesome is a scene of large white birds riding the waves at the beach.  The bird called a GULL.
No beaches, but big wavy hills here in the aptly named גליל GaLIL (Galilee).

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