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By Isaac Mozeson

ARAONA (Amazon), Parts VI and VII


ARAONA (Amazonian) from EDENIC

[Fernando Aedo] Part VI, VII

NOMA, without reason, in vain < [K]HiNaM חנם, in vain,without cause (Ezekiel 6:10)

OSHOE, there it is! < YeSH יש, there is, being, existence [IS]

OTSO, to burn, catch fire < S-F ESH אש , fire, flames [ASH]

PA, to cry < Pa'[A]H פעה , to groan or moan (Isaiah 42:14), S-B S-G BaKHaH בכה , to cry [VOCALIZE]

PACALA, fork in a tree, river or path < M132 S-L PeReQ פרק, joint; M132 P'LaGaH פלגה , divsion, stream [FORK]

PACATA, a few, some < PaK[H]OOT פחות, less [PAUCITY]

PADO, to bathe someone < ß S-B DToBH[A]h טבע, to sink in water; DTeBHeL טבל is to dip or immerse [DIP]

PAILE, sieve < S-B S-L KeBHaRaH כברה, a sieve (Amos 9:9)

PAJA, to pull out a louse, tick or fingernail < S-G HayPeeYQ הפיק, to extract. The infinitive is פוק POOQ. [PICK]

PALIPIJA, a person without energy, ineffective -- a combined 1. bilabial-liquid element and 2. a bilabial-guttural one < 1. ß S-L

RaPHaH רפה , weak [LIMP], 2. S-G POOG פוג, to be faint, slack [FAG]

PASHA, flat, level, even, monotonous < ß S-B SHaPHeL , low; ß S-B SH'PHayLaH, the flat, coastal plain or SPILLway of Israel [SPILL]

PATACA, troop < TSaBHAh צבא, to assembe for military service (Numbers 31:7)

-PEA, also, another, different < APH , also, too, even if, the more… [IF]

PEATI, to be different < S-B S-D BahD בד, by itself, isolate [DIVIDE], BaDahLבדל , separate, isolate [BUT]

PEDEPEDE, sparse < S-D פחות Pa[K]HoaT , few [PAUCITY]

PEJE, by the side < S-G PeYaH פאה , corner section, side (Leviticus 19:9) [CAPITAL]

PELEI -1, a raft < If the Amazon raft is like a two-hulled catamaran, then see PELEI - 2. If this raft is basically a ferry to cross over the river, then < S-B S-L [A]BHaRaH עברה (ferry boat…ford …crossing over [FORD]).

PELEI -2, twins, two similar people < S-B the two-letter sub-root is ב-ל B-L togetherness [BALL]

PELEI-3, two men of opposing clans < If "two" is key, see PELEI -2. If opposition is key, see the Ayin-Bhet-Resh root in PELEI-1 and "people of the other side" at [ABERATION]

PELEI-4, a bird < S-L 1. P'Ra[K]HaT פרחת, flying creature [PULLET]; 2. S-L TSeePOAR צפור, bird [SPARROW]

PENE, a hiding place in a back wall, or the verb of building such < TSaPHahN צפן, to conceal, hide or noun of hidden treasure [SPY]

PENOPENO, to rock back and forth < ß NOOPH נוף , to move to and frowave [FAN] see APENO

PESO. To make something flawed < S-F PeSH[A]h פשע, sin, transgression. French péché (sin) hardens in Spanish pecar (sin) or English IMPECCABLE (flawless) [PICADILLO]

PETSE, knot, protuberance < ß S-B TSaBHeH צבה, swollen [SWELL]

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