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By Isaac Mozeson



ARAONA  (Amazonian)  from    EDENIC  

  [Fernando Aedo] Part VIII

PEZO, to break into pieces < PeeTSaya[K]H פצח, to break

     into pieces  [PETARD]

 PILICA, gully, ravine, river valley <. M132 S-L S-G     PaGHahR  פער is

       a space or gap  [PORE]

PITSATSA, abundance  < ß  S-B S-F SHePH[A]h שפע , abundance


PITSIBADI, the dry season  < ß  S-B  YaBHeSH יבש , dry  [WIZEN]

    + [E]DT עט , a time [ETERNAL]

POSATI, to burst, crack  <  PeTSaH פצה  , to open wide [PATEO].

QUETSIO,  when  <   GHaiT עת , a time  [ETERNAL]

SACUA, to prick  < ß  S-F עקץ [A]QeTS, to stick, sting; שך SayKH, thorn

    (Numbers 33:55)   [STICK]

 SADA, stream <  S-F  ESHeD    אשד running water from brooks …

       a waterfall       [SHED]

SASA, to cut with machete knife  <  GaZaZגזז  , to cut off, shear


SEHUA, to be black  < S-F  1. שחר  SHaKHoaR, black;     

        2. חשך    [K]HaSHahKH, to grow dark

SEPE, basin, dish  <  S-B  $ahP  סף, bowl, basin  [SOP]

SHAMA 1, to see with fixed eys <  SHaMaR  שמר, to observe,

    guard [SAMURAI]

SHAMA  2 , soul shadow  <    NeSHaNaH נשמה, soul, spirit [ANIMUS]

SHEPEJA, to crouch down <  M132 S-G  S-B   SHaKHahBH שכב ,

       to lie down  [SQUAT]

SHIBASHIBA, to jump < ß   S-B S-F PaZaZ פזז , to leap, dance,

    e springy [PIZAZZ]

SIPA, to hide, disguise, conceal  <  1. S-F  TSaPaH צפה , to cover, overlay

    [TOP]  2. S-F  TSaPHahN צפן , to conceal, to hide [SPY]

SIPIJI. Cap, top of a bottle  <  S-F  TSaPaH צפה , to cover  [TOP]

SILO, to open < S-F    SHahL של ; to loosen;  <

     S-L SHa[A]aR  שער , to split   open   [LOOSE]

SO, to burn  <  AiSH אש , fire [ASH] 

SOTO, to sow seeds for crops < S-F  SHaTahL שתל, to plant,

      transplant [SET]

We'll move on soon, but the Amazon is a big place, and not easy to get out of.

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