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By Isaac Mozeson

latest EmETology : It's All In the WRIST, and latest double root: kindness


צור TSOOR is “to turn,” so that צואר  TSaVahR (neck) means “that which turns.”   The built-in antonym is צור TSOOR, to straighten.
For the source of the word WRIST, twist Resh/R and WR and Tsadi/ TS, but always read as ST in European languages.

חסד  K[H]e$eD = kindness (Genesis 21:23 -- see "CHASTE) חס Het-Samekh  +  סד Samekh-Dalet.

 1.  חוס K[H]OO$, to spare, pity have mercy (Deuteronomy 7:16)  +  יסד  Yee$ahD to found, establish, (I Kings 5:3)  thus Samekh-Dalet words of establishments or that which has been set up.

Thus חסד  K[H]e$eD  is the  establishment of pitying.

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