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By Isaac Mozeson

Prehistoric LOST DOG Signs


All Lost Dogs Find Their Way Home to Eden    

ß = reverse; I-E = Indo-European

Edenic generic canine:   gutturalliquidbilabial     throat-tongue-lips    Kaph-Lamed-Bhet

                    כ  ל  ב              K            L            BH

Aramaic   dog                        Ka           L            Ba

Bulgariuan wolf vilk ß          K              L           iV

Catalan  wolf                                         LL          oP

Cherokee dog                       Qi'           Li

Chinese wolf lang ß             Gn          aL

Danish, Norweg. Wolf                          uL          F

English fox (f.) vixen ß          X                          iV

French     wolf                                       Lou         P

Georgian wolf                       mG        eLi

German  fox Fuchs ß         HC                         uF

Greek fox, alopex M231        X              L            P

Greek wolf  lukos ß            soK            uL

Hungarian fox roka ß          aK           oR

Hungarian wolf farkas ß  saK             R           aF

Icelandic wolf                                      uL            Fer

I-E root, wolf - ß wlkwo   owK            Li           W

Italian wolf                                            Lu          Po

Fijian dog                               Ko          Li

Finnish  dog                           Koi        Ra

Latin  wolf                                             Lu          Pus

Latvian wolf vilks ß               sK          Li            V

Lithuanian wolf vilkas ß      saK          Li            V

Maori dog                                 K         uRi

Malagasi dog   alika ß            aK        iLa

Maltese dog                               K        eL            B

Modern Greek dog                  sKi'       Los

Old High German,  wolf                      woL          F

Old Norse source of whelp    Hue       L            Pr

Polish wolf  wilk ß                    K          L           iW

Portuguese dog                       C          Lio

Russian, Slovn. wolf volk ß    K          L           oV

Samoan fox                                           aL         oPe

Samoan wolf luko ß              oK          uL

Scottish dog                           Co           LLie

Serbo-Croat. Wolf vuk ß       Ku                        V

Sinhala dog bahl-laah ß       Haa         Lha       B

Spanish wolf                                         Lo          BO

Swedish wolf varg ß             G            Ra          V

Tongan   dog                         Ku          Li 

Yiddish wolf                                           vuL            F

Note: CUR is thought to be a "growl" word (see "GROAN), but K-R "dog" words like Estonian koer and Turkish kurt suggest that our Kahf-Lamed , guttural-liquid, should not be ruled out.

The Edenic כלב  KeLeBH (dog)  (meaning KoL LeBH, "all heart")  eed not be "recalled" by many peoples. It has been a while since the Tower of Babel, 4274 years.  The second-most popular "dog" names appear to be linked to Edenic words meaning "tame",  "domestic" and (the animal that) "returns."


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