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By Isaac Mozeson

a new entry to add coldslaw, and to clear your throat, at your summer BBQ


KALE        GHaLeH        Ayin-Lamed-Hey

Ghah-LEH  __ __עלה___ _[GH-L-H àCL]

ROOTS:   The IE "root" of  (Scottish) KALE,  CAULIFLOWER and (Germanic) COLESLAW

is kaul (stalk, stem).  Latin caulis means cabbage.

Cabbage, cauliflower and kale are known for their large, edible leaves -- not for any negligeable stalk or stem.  An etymon meaning 'leaf" is needed.

 עלה  GHaLeH is  leaves, foliage in Genesis 3:7.  Ayin-Lamed-Hey is for growing up or going up -- see ALLEY for a word from  the soft, vowel-like Ayin of  עלה  [A]LeH . 


BRANCHES:   In pre-Edenics days it was thought that the soft or hard ע Ayin was about regional Jewish accents, rather than designed, global variants which allowed for those different pronunciations.  Jews who lived in Arabic-speaking lands did not forget how to pronounce the ע Ayin as GH.

 Other alleged cognates not mentioned above are  CAULICLE, CAULINE, CAULESCANT, COLCANON, COLE and KOHLRABI.

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