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By Isaac Mozeson



Middle English eyne, Chinese yan and Navaho an'a') all fit Edenic (Pre-Hebrew) עין  [A]YiN (eye).

Nobody has to borrow a word for eye, so Edenics-deniers can't say these are borrowings.  Instead, they smugly claim that our collection of 1000s of sets like this are merely a coincidence. After all, there are a limited number of sounds that the mouth can make, and there are 1000s of languages.

Good point. But weak statistical analysis. There are many 1000s of words in any vocabulary. Of these, only one or 2 can historically mean "eye." Only a few can mean "canine," and we just posted 50 similar global descendants of Edenic.

NOW, figure the chances for several unrelated languages to share a word's sound and sense.

Don't pay too much attention to the "logic" of such authorities. This is the same mind that thinks that humans accidentally mutated and evolved a floating bone in the throat to enable speech.

With the Google translator website letting one search 50 languages, YOU can easily find fun and fame finding global cognates with our Edenics team.

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