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By Isaac Mozeson

It Aint OVER (time) 'Till It's OVER (space)


OVER as a temporal word ( in time, as in OVERdue ) has no known origin.

  עבר [A]h[V]ahR is past (in time, or "past"  the grammatical tense – Songs 2:11).

 So OVER in time is clearly in Edenic It's all OVER for the published reference bozos who only "know" Indo-European source words.

The spacial OVER ( in space, as in OVERboard ) was given

the Indo-European "root" : uper.

But any 3rd grader could see that  עבר [A]y[V]eR (side, the space OVER a border) covers the spacial OVER as well.

At entries like OVER and FERRY one sees the source of many words of crossing OVER space or time, like FORD (to cross OVER) or  BEFORE.

Bhet-Resh extensions like  עבור [A]BHOOR mean FOR.

The Western divide between the OVER of time and space reveals a deep shallowness.

Edenic, the language of science and divine revelation, knows that there is no TIME without space.  Time is what is measured in getting from point A to B.  

The Eternal is not just timeless, but without space,…  the creator of space and time.

The Greeks erroneously thought that time was eternal. But space was created first, then the celestial timekeepers.   

עולם  [O]WLahM means both "world" and "forever."

May your elapses of passed space be pleasant,

And your elipses of past  time be joyous.

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