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By Isaac Mozeson

Some Shifty Bathroom Thoughts


I (First Movement):

A SHIFT etymologically, or,  better, EMeTologically, is when a partner takes over one's "shift."  Say, when the evening gravedigger finishes his workday, and the night man comes in. This would be called

The Graveyard Shift. 

EMeTologically, the word SHIFT shifts letters in it's sequence.

Partner in Edenic is  שתף  SHooTahF.  The Pre-Babel-babble SH-T-F word has shifted sequence to SH-F-T.  This is an M132 metathesis.

The semantics, the present, common use of  SHIFT is about change, not partners taking turns.

In Chinese SHIFT is  zhuan .  A fine match for  שנה SHaNaH (change  -- search  CHANGE at

From SHaNaH to zhuan there was a shift of fricatives  (S-F )  or whistling letters.

II (Second Movement):

During a trip to the W.C. or watercloset I noticed the Italian word for toilets:

Gabinetti. (Anything Italian sounds deliciously edible.)

This word sounded like an obvious cognate of "Cabinet," (and recalled the Obama cabinet as well as a closet, as in Water Closet).

Toilets were once mere closets. The only difference between Gabinetti and Cabinet is the S H I F T of guttural or throat-made letters.

Like CABIN and CABANA or chicken COOP, these words are from  קבה QooBaH, compartment, hovel, brothel. 

See CUBBY in the Edenics CD Dictionary.

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Jory   12/27/2011 5:48:00 AM
Impressive brain power at work! Great awnser!

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