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By Isaac Mozeson

SHaLoM is peace; "PEACE" and Islam mean WAR.


Peace "activists"  should know that "PEACE" means war and death.   Latin  pax (peace), liike pax Romanus, is about PACIFYING, that is, brutally crushing a subject population who dares to aspire to autonomy against Imperial Rome.

Pax is a reverse of כבש KaBHahSH, to conquer...source of the nasalized (extra N) VANQUISH.

The "Peace" camp adores the underdog Arabs because
a) they merely outnumber Israel  500 to 1 in land, people and resources,

b)  they are feminists who champion  honor killing and the mandatory wearing of Hefty bags with eye slits , 

and/or  c)  they want to see all Jews dead, to strike out against a tangible symbol of a Creator, revelation  and the outrageous insult of objective morality  and  ethical responsibility.

There are clerics, bumper stickers and presidents  who think that the word  "ISLAM" is a "peace" word,  a  cognate of SHaLoM (peace).

But ISLAM is about  SHaLaiM, totality.... total subjugation to Allah.
The Koran makes it painfully clear that this world subjugation is not likely to come from singing and holding hands.

SHaLoM   שלום   is the true peace of completed negotiations.
This is why SHaLaiM means  "to pay up."   Peace comes when aggressors are successfully sued for billions in damages , especially  wrongful deaths.   Not when moral giants like Jimmy Carter or Ehud Baraq reward murderers with Land For War.

Those who search SHaLoM at will see peaceful words like SOLEMN   and words of completion like SLAM (where the bases are cleared or the table is cleared in baseball or bridge).

SHaLoM from Israel's eternal capital, YeruSHaLaYiM.

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