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By Isaac Mozeson

The Righteous Man Gets To Dance at Two Weddings ,(but not the sinister lefty)


An excerpt from The Origin of Speeches

(Lightcatcherbooks or Amazon):

As a T and S combined, the צ Tsadi/TS gets to dance at both weddings (dental and fricative).

The sharp צן  TSaiN (thorn) gave English TINE.

The hollow  צנור  TSeeNOAR gave English SNORKEL and SNORE.

Do not confuse this breakdown of anatomical sounds with the number of Aleph-Bet letters. פ Pey and Phey (P/PH or F),  כ  Kahf and Khaf (K/KH) and  שShin/Sin (SH/S) - are each formed from the same graphic letter.  When reciting from a Torah scroll, the reader has to know which letter is intended. (Of course, this allows for many of the double entendres and ironies that delights Easterners and vexes Westerners.)  In non-sacred writing, or in the Israeli newspaper for new immigrants, diacritical marks are added to aid pronunciation.  As mentioned above, an added dot differentiates the above letter pairs.  A dot  in the middle of the letter means more distinct sound, and less vibrarting air. ( ב Bet, פ  Pey and  כ Kahf, instead of Bhet, Phey and Khaf).

For the  ש   Shin/Sin pair of sounds, however, the differentiating dot is above.  It is on the right side for the Shin, and on the left for the Sin.  Now you know why SINISTER means “on the left.”  There is something “not right” about the left, but superstitions about evil southpaws are baseless.

This dot digression about Edenic letters has impacted our Alphabet.  The Japhetic (or Indo-European, Western-trained} mind does not tolerate “ambiguities” – and their penchant for “precision” demanded that an H follows P or S to indicate the sounds PH or SH.  The Semitic sensibility, on the other hand, which the Edenic Bible is predicated on, thrives on the wordplay and multiple entendres available in these richly versatile symbols of sound and sense.  Here is a good rule to remember in either linguistics or Bible Studies:

Where the Japhetic sees mind-numbing contradiction, the Semitic sees mind-provoking paradox.

The next  Edenics book might be on Amerind. Fernando, Phil, Regina and I found more quality and quantity of Edenics data in the New World than we hoped for.  Will return to the Amazon soon.

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