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By Isaac Mozeson

Readin', Writin' and 'Rithmitic Can Get You Burned as a Sorcerer


(from drafts of the upcoming 2nd edition of The Origin of Speeches.)

Noah’s ark-building measurements (Genesis 6:15) required a knowledge of the Edenic letters, which are also numbers. Either a) he was the genius who first developed numbers, b) Noah merely inherited the Edenic letters/numbers that were innately in his Edenic language program, or  c) the whole story is a foolish fable – whatever floats your boat.

Only Edenic literacy explains the Joseph story.  Joseph clearly had learned how to make mathematical notations and to keep precise records before he got to Egypt .  The slave Joseph was only sold to a royal official in Egypt because his literacy made him a standout in the ancient world.  He was not promoted to chief steward for his ability to memorize the elaborate inventories of his master’s estate. He could already read and write. Literacy, writing, heiroglyphics, was a magic power only to be given to sacred scribes orחרטמים K[H]aRTooMiM (the royal sorcerers, literally inscribers (Exodus 7:22).

The Egyptians rightly venerated Joseph (see The Riddle of the Exodus by James D. Long – Lightacher Books).

#  Ira Younger points to Exodus 41:49 how Joseph counted grain that was amassed like the (uncountable) sands of the sea… “very much, until he stopped counting…”  Joseph’s mathematical ability was able to handle huge projects, not merely the running of an estate and a prison. יוסף Yo$aiF or Joseph’s name is like הסיף HoaSeeYF (to add). This first Hebrew to venture into the outside world became the world's mathematical superstar.

And this wasn’t because of so-called Paleo-Hebrew pictographs, which were not used as humbers.

Joseph had learned the wisdom of using the square, Torah letters. It is unlikely that his busy ancestors had invented a number system, even if Jacob counted sheep. We now use Arabic numbers, because the numerals of the dense Romans are so unweildly. (They do look good on Superbowl T-shirts.)

The source of a number system appears to long predate Arabic culture. When considering the numerical aspect of the Edenic letters, it becomes less far-fetched to consider that Edenic letters/numbers may be from some pre-historic, even non-human source.   

Literacy and prowess with record-keeping and economics remained an invaluable Hebrew skill in a largely illiterate world, well past the first European banking and brokerage houses begun by Jews in what the West would call the Dark Ages.

The too-often uniquely Jewish facility with counting and spelling, with their exotic letters (which gave rise to our Arabic numbers) were considered a form of magic.

This was not a good thing in a world where sorcerers were executed as dangerous criminals. It is the whitest of White "Magic" when a Jewish woman recites a Hebrew blessing over candles and a snowy tablecloth, closing her eyes and waving her hands in an alchemical event that transforms the weekday into Sabbath.

But this can look like scary Black Magic to a non-Jewish neighbor. Hearing Jews chanting a blessing over food, magically transforming the animal into the angelic, sounds unnerving. It is why some theorize that abracadabra is from "the blessing has been said" in a mangled Aramaic.

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