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By Isaac Mozeson

Sympathy for the Israel and Edenics-Hating Devils


The Delegitimizers of Israel  (DOL) of our day, like the Nazis of yesterday, should not  be summarily  demonized  or condemned as if they were purely evil victimizers.

Of course,  both parties are responsible for unimaginable amounts of wrongful death and financial loss.  But the point is that we must understand their deep motives, empathize with their grievances, demonstrate that we are here to serve them, and then, like Jacob and Esau,  drop the weapons and embrace as brothers.

There is no such thing as evil.  Or Satan.  People or nations or the United Nations can behave poorly, but from a positive motive: self-defense.  The Nazi braintrust, especially Hitler himself, understood that Jewish superiority critically threatened the glorious Aryan gestalt . The Germans had accomplished so much, yet it was painfully plain to see that compared to the Jews they were just another mongrel group of lazy, illiterate drunks.  Jews without their heritage, modesty or common sense were parading their wealth and accomplishments in full view. As in Egypt, the prototypical Diaspora,  this tiny  foreign minority had "filled the land."  This pain naturally engendered jealous hatred.  Like Cain, the instinct to save one's honor leads to fratricide.

In what way can it be said that today's DOL, not simply the long-aggrieved Ishmael, are also striking out from jealous pain?   In every way.

Just as it is psychologically evident that the Nazis felt inferior to Jews BECAUSE THEIR SUCCESSFUL PROPAGANDA  TURNED JEWS INTO VERMIN,  it is equally evident that the DOL feel illegitimate BECAUSE THEIR PROPAGANDA DELEGITIMIZES ISRAEL.

Those "ways" could take up a few books, and cite dozens more. But this is a brief essay.

Anyone who reads this already knows about the unprecedented economic, medical,  military and scientific achievements of  the Jewish State.  The facts of hi-tech and business accomplishments have only just emerged. We knew about the world-class academic institutions in a state the size of New Jersey under constant siege, but new  urprises keep emerging: like Israel's longevity figures.  Many don't know that much about Israel, it's Jews that irk them.  And stats like the number of Jewish Nobel winners and chess champion

The focus here is on the hugely popular efforts to delegitimize Israel, so we must look at national, historical issues.  Most nations on Earth know that compared to Israel, they are lawless and savage pirates.  The self-righteous British, for example, migrated from the Continent and eventually controlled England after bloody wars, beginning with the genocide of the native Picts.

 If Israel had a leader with something between his ears and in his pants he'd publicly remind Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton that America is a result of colonialism, and was made possible by the mass murder and deportation of Native Americans. Only after America returns several states to the peaceful victims of their illegitimate imperialism, could Israel think about granting favors to the descendants of foreign migrants with an appalling record of violent intolerance.

By stark contrast to the global norm, Israel holds the oldest title deed in history to its homeland.  Said document was not sworn upon by a lawyer placing his hand on a Bible.  It IS the Bible.

Archeology attests to millennia of Jewish residence in Israel before Islam, before Arabic.  Geneticists confirm Jewish peoplehood, whose calendar is 1000 years older that the venerable Chinese.  No wonder, then, that the mongrels are snarling. THEY know that THEY are illegitimate so long as Israel or the Jews exist.

That sentence can have religious implications too, but fortunately I am too diplomatic to go there.  Language is my field, so I will touch on this phenomenon of jealous hatred in this cultural sphere. 

There is a corresponding rise of animosity towards and awareness of the new field of Edenics.  On one hand,  Edenics reveals that all languages (thus cultures) are illegitimate, are meaningless scrambles of the pre-Hebrew of Eden  (thus the Proto-Earth language named Edenic -- see In one emblematic example, ETYMOLGY, from Greek etmos, means truth. But no one knows WHY it means truth, so intelligent scholars can suppose that language evolved from apes.  But Hellenistic "truth," is found to be a Babel-babble scramble of EMeT (Hebrew truth).   There is much to say about WHY the true "truth" would be Aleph-Mem-Taph.  (Search "etymology" at

On the other hand rather than suggesting that the Edenics evidence delegitimizes all non-Hebrews, it must be said that Edenics legitimizes, ennobles and restores lost significance to all languages.

Edenics is a metaphor; this disarming altruism is my point here.

"The truth hurts."  Thus the flotillas of hate yearning to inflict pain on Israel are actually acts of self-defense.  But there is also, " the truth will set you free. "   We must not downplay or hide the truth, but allow it to be the solution, not the problem  A proud and properly educated Israeli can unburden others of their perceived threats.

A new Israeli and Jewish leadership must emerge that can empathize with poor, illigitimate-feeling Esau and Ishmael (the West and Middle East).  We must not wave our gifts, like bling before playa haters in Hip-Hop videos, but offer them, as Jacob/Israel does, to his aggrieved twin.

We must say to our twin that my gifts are your gifts. We are a tiny, timeless people who were only "chosen" to serve and elevate our esteemed brothers.   Do not resent our little country.  It is our triage platform to aid you with. We live only to share with you our intimacy with the Creator, the dignity of justice, how to make a desert bloom,  the invention of bio-med marvels for the handicapped,  and even the meaning of your words


Isaac Mozeson,  Sefad, Galilee

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