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By Isaac Mozeson

A European Adam and Eve ?! Oh SHUT UP !


 A European Adam and Eve ?!  Oh SHUT UP !

There is not a single shred of hard evidence that the Indo-Europeans, Ireland to India, ever spoke a single Indo-European language.  But, like the still missing Missing Link, it is a matter of orthodox secular fundamentalism.

Even Greek and Latin, or Hellenic and Italic, are  easier to link when one goes all the way back to the first human speakers. To the Pre-Babel speakers of Edenic.

For examole:

 Greek lukos, wolf, sounds suspiciously like Latin lupos, wolf.
Trouble is, you can't get from P (a bilabial or lip-letter) to K (a guttural or throat-letter).
But take the Edenic root of "wolf" words:  כלב   KeLeBH (canine), and you have L-BH (which shifts bilabials to L-P) or L-K to provide Greek, Latin and 40 other global "wolf" words.
 See the LOBO entrry in the E-Word CD.

OK, so maybe Adam + Eve weren't as white as they look in their paintings.  But why is there a "SHUT" in the title?

Read on, an entry too new to be at :


SHUT         SHahT(ahM)        Shin-Tahf-Mem

Shut-UMM               שתם    _____[SH -T]

ROOTS:  The IE “root” skeud (to shoot, chase, throw) is weakly linked to SHUT, as Old English scyttan means "pushing a crossbar," and one hundredth of all acts of SHUTTING can involve bolting a door. The lexicographers are "pushing it " all right. Once again, any sloppy sound correspondance will do for true believers in a European Adam and Eve.

More like definitions of SHUT is שתם  SHahTahM (to close, shut out -- Lamentations 3:8).  Very unlike bolting a door is the shutting of a facial orifice, like SHUT UP or  שתם  SH'TooM in Numbers 24:3 -- when the seer Balaam's eye is closed.

Sound trumps spelling in built-in synonyms. סתם $aTahM  means "stop up" in Genesis 26:15, and "to shut up, to keep secret (Harkavy) in Daniel 12:4.  עצם [A]TSaM is to shut (the eye) - Isaiah 33:15. These shut-ers stress the dental-nasal part -- see STEM (shut off).

SHUTTING and closure is often an act of finishing off so  for  שתם  SHahTahM (to close, shut out) combine the  ש-ת Shin-Tahf of SET with the ת-ם   Tahf-Mem of completion (see TIME)..




Japanese shatto  appears borrowed, but is does recall the SHUTTER of a camera and the SHUTTERS of house windows. Most global  languages were thinking of other Edenic words for SHUTTING.  See entries like  CLOT, HEM, LOCK and SECURE.

.For what its worth, the  official cognates of SHUT  include  SHUTTLE, SCHUSS, SCOT, SCOUT, SHEET, SHOT and SKEET.

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