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By Isaac Mozeson

Girls Know: a House is a Home


The Edenic word for girl and daughter is   בת  BahT, as in BAT Mitzvah.
There are a few other bilabial-dental or lip-tooth words for girl or daughter.
Then there's the Hindi  betaa which means son.

Is this just a natural variant from the neuro-linguistic "confounding of tongues?"

An insight from Buried Treasure: Hidden Wisdom from the Hebrew Language by Rabbi Daniel Lapin weighs in.

The entry:

FET(US)         BHahT           Bhet-Tahf

VUTT_________בת____      ___[BH-T]

ROOTS:  English FOETUS or FETUS is allegedly from an IE “root” dh(i) meaning “to suck.”  No, this is not a crude joke, just laughable scholarship.  We do know that Latin fetus means offspring or pregnancy.

בת BHahT is a daughter (Genesis 29:10) girl, child, a suburb (Joshua 17:11), and a term equivalent to the phrase "a native of."  Only a bilabial and dental shift away fron FETUS is  בצה BaYTSaH, an egg, in Edenic (Deueronomy 22:6).


BRANCHES: The Arabic egg is bayda or just bed.  Closer to  בצה  BaYTSaH  is the Cherokee egg :we’tsi and the Omaha.Iriquoi  egg: waitih (also Amerind).  P[A]OADT or F[A]OADT is a minor or child, while TahF (infant - Jeremiah 40:7) reverses to FT.    See “PEDIATRICIAN.” 

Betaa is a son in Hindi.  Rabbi Daniel Lapham links  בת BHahT, daughter, to  בית  BaYiiT, house (see BOOTH), household, family (Exodus 1:21)   The daughter in Hebrew culture will lead and form a new household or family.  But in most of the Far East it will be the son.

Fata is a girl in Rumanian.    Poti'i is a girl in Tahitian.  Slavic words for "girl"  reverse a bilabial-dental, like Russian dyevushka  Semiticists could not not see how these "girl" words could be closer to Proto-Earth or Edenic, while several Semitic languages have corrupted the bilabial-dental “daughter” word.  Akkadian buntu (daughter) is a nasalized BT word.  So is Akkadian bintu and Arabic bint.  Ugaritic bt (daughter) kept the original format.  There are vast records of nasalization as a later corruption; the Semiticists’ theory that Hebrew dropped an N is based on the plural for girls or daughters: בנות BaNOAT.  But 'batot' was not possible.

A bilabial-dental child word is seen globally. BUD and BUDDY can mean a baby or child; RAJPUT and FITZROY means son of the king.  Sinhala ( Sri Lanka ) is IE, though not fully Dravidian like neighboring languages. Its word for daughter is dhu-wah.  One has to shift the bilabial-dental of  בת BahT (daughter) to W and DH,  and reverse the order  of the syllables.    EFFETE and FAWN (see “FAWN” are cognates of FETUS.



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