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By Isaac Mozeson

Your Snoring Is Music To MY Ears, Darling


We were given a snorkel or breathing tube right between our eyes,
but that won't help the clueless reference authorities.

SNOR(KEL)   TSeeNOAR    Tsadi-Noon-Vav-Resh

(T)SEE-NORE___  _____צנור_________[(T)S-N-R]

ROOTS: SNORKEL is a breathing tube, and Hebrew has a word like  צנור    TSeeNOAR (pipe, drain - Psalms 42:8).  Nonetheless we are offered German snarchen (to snore) as  source. 

The alleged Indo-European  “root” is sner

("expressive root of various verbs for making noises).


BRANCHES: The first of the given cognates is SCHNORRER (a beggar in Yiddish). The AHD traces SCHNORRER to Middle High German snurren (to hum, whirr).

Other cognates of SNORKEL are SNARL, SNEER, SNORE and SNORT. All these sounds are made in the natural SNORKEL or breathing tube we call the NOSE (SN inverted).

 An M231 metathesis of Spanish nariz (nose) makes clear that צנור  TSeeNOAR is a conduit or pipeline for nose sounds.

Chinese han is to snore, a reverse of  נחר  Na[K]HaR (to snore, grunt  --

Jeremiah 8:16).

There is an IE “root” srenk (to snore) that includes RHONCHUS and Greek rhunkhos (snout).  Neglected were all the RHINO-words from Greek rhinos (nose) - a reversal of Edenic breathing words like  צנור  TSeeNOAR and  נחיר Ni[K]IHeeYR (nostril) or an M321 metathesis of  נהר  NaHaR, to flow. .

The IE “root” srenk is an M132 metathesis from TS-N-R.

 Allow a slight shift to TS-N-R, and we can discover TRN and TRM words from the same Hebrew pipeline.  The TRUNK of a tree is the plant's main pipeline, while the TRUNK of the elephant is a SNORKEL that belongs with all the nasal SNORTING here.

Besides a food and water pipe, the elephant's TRUN(K) [now linked to IE “root” ter (to cross over, overcome)] is the world's first TRUMPET or TROMBONE. Old Norse trumba is a tube.

If words like SNOUT, SCHNAUZER (snarling dog) or SCHNOZZLE (nose) do not belong here, perhaps they could fit back at NOZZLE. 

One has to be in love to equate SNORING with a SERENADE, but they do share letters.

 A similar M132 metathesis makes the Gaelic nose, sron, more familiar.

The Arabic pipe is supposed to be closer than all the above. But masour, pipe  <  S-F, S-N

 M213   צנור TSeeNOAR, pipe .


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