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By Isaac Mozeson

A Friend Asked Me About "THALWAG."


THALwag as "valley line" means a wadi's  lowpoint, like a DELL.
(Remember that "farner in the dell "?) or a DALE (hill and DALE). 

 The same German thal appears in our old friend the neanderTHAL, found in the Neander valley in Germany.  (They found him and dusted him off, but it was several millennia
too late to help him with his posture problem.)

THAL means something low, yet it sounds more like TEL in TEL Aviv or like TALL.
That's because words are Divinely Designed, and   תלל TaLaL  (mound,
 that which is piled TALL, yes, the source of TALL)  is the built-in opposite
of the low valley or incline.

In Edenics the source word  for THAL, DELL and DALE should sound similar too?
Yes, but neuro-linguistic scrambling at the Tower of Sumer (Babel) can do some tricks.
The T-L sound, dental and liquid (tooth-made and tongue-made), is reversed.
The T is shifted to D, and the the L is shifted to R.   רד  RaiD means "to go down."

The river that GOES DOWN  to the lowest point on Earth, is the  ירדן Jorden.  [R-D root],

OK, what about the "wag" part ?  That's  the German WAY.  WAG is closer to the
Resh/R-Khaf/KH source,  the latter part of  דרך   DeReKH, way.

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