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By Isaac Mozeson

A Etymology For Children That Doesn't Suck


Adding to our FILAMENT  entry, a bulb went off.

A string of possible cognates  with similar sound and sense
came together.   Suddenly I knew why a FILE, rank and FILE. a suburb and les fils (children) all fit with FILAMENT.

The entry:


 FIL(AMENT)   [K]HeBHeL     Het-Bhet-Lamed

He-VEL                   חבל                     [HVL à FL]

ROOTS:  The alleged IE “root” of FILAMENT is gwhi (thread, tendon).

חבל  [K]HeBHeL is a rope or string (Zechariah 11:7).

 See “BALE .”

 The  ח-ב Het-Bhet sub-root of  being tied together is set by words like  חב [K]HaBH (indebted, responsible --  see “OWE”), חביב 

 [K]HaBeeYB (dear, beloved),חבל   [K]HaBHoaL (to pawn),           חבר [K]HaBHahR (to join),    חבר[K]HaBHeR (friend),חבק   [K]HaBHaQ (to embrace) and  חבש  [K]HBHaSH (to bind).  The Bhet/BH-Lamed/L back of חבל    [K]HeBHeL dominates as the entry goes on.

The B-L affiliations below follow the B-L sense of two-together seen at BALL.



BRANCHES: The listed cognates include DEFILE, FILAR, FILE, FILIFORM, FILIGREE, FILLET, FILOSE, FILUM, and PROFILE.  In Hawaiian, where Bhet is often a U, a string is a kaula.

 חבל     [K]HeBHeL also means district or suburbs (Joshua 19:9), as though the towns were connected by the same economic rope. The Het-Bhet-Lamed thread continues at “HOBBLE.”

The reconstructed IE "root"  gwhi corrrectly captures the Het/K[H]-Bhet/BH front of  חבל  [K]HeBHeL; an actual word like Italian filo (thread, wire) derives from the Bhet/BH-Lamed/L back of חבל    [K]HeBHeL

Follow the thread of bilabial-liquids from more Italian derivatives: fila (line, row, list), filaccioso (thready, fibrous), filamento (filament), filato (yarn), fillettare (to fillet, to thread), filiale (branch; adj. filial), fillibustiere (filibuster, swindler) and filobus (trolley bus… led by a wire).

English FILIBUSTER has a strange etymology , and manipulating F-L strings or wires may be a better source than the present guess : a form of a  Dutch freebooter.  

To stick with Het-Bet-Lamed for F-L words,   חבל  [K]HeeBaiL  is to waste or destroy (Isaiah 54:16).

The more exciting possibility from these Italian  חבל  [K]HeBHeL words was that FILIAL is also a Bhet-Lamed "string" word.

 Both all the linked cities of Argobh,    כל חבל ארגב (Deuteronomy 3:4) and the band of prophets,  נבאים  חבל , are about AFFILIATES.

The most basic human AFFILIATION is with our children.  More than English FOAL or FILLY (given other sources), French has the best-known F-L children words from Latin filia, daughter, and filius, son.  The French fils, son, and fille, daughter, deserve better than the published etymologies: 1) A root bheue (to be, exist, grow) and 2) dhe(i) (to suck).

Like the Italian above, other French F-L words pull strings reaching all the way to Eden:

Fil  (thread, wire), filandreux (stringy),  file (line, queue, succession), filer (to shadow, tail, follow a line), filet (net),  filiale (subsidiary),  filiforme ( spindly) and filon (vein).

More than attached associates, les fils (children) are in line as our successors.

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