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By Isaac Mozeson

Ask H.R. if you could take a ShaMbattical


The boss never likes giving a year off.  But it sounds too phony if you ask for a Sham anything.

Read on.

SABBAT(ICAL)    SHaBaT   Shin-Bet-Tahf

Sha-BUT_              שבת                 [S(H)-B-T]

A SABBATICAL, paid leave-of-absence, like other rest-day forms of SABBATH, are obviously a Biblical borrowing from שבת SHaBAT.  See some unknown forms of שבת SHaBaT at STOP.

The heart of שבת Shabbat (Sabbath) is שב SHahBH (to return, to sit).   More than repose and returning home, it is returning to our divine humanity, to a life of transcendance, and a day of not foraging for a living like an animal.


Note the diversity of  the many borrowings of the same Hebrew word in these global words for Saturday: Arabic al-sabt, Czech and Polish sobota, Indonesian Sabtu, Italian sabato, Latin sabbatum. Modern Greek Sa-vvaton, Romany Sabatone, Russian and Serbo-Croatian subota, and Spanish and Portuguese sabado.

There are nasalizations like Hungarian szombat and Rumanian simbata. Once morphed into SM, one would never know that French Saturday, samedi, and German Samstag, are  really from שבת SHaBa(S) + “day.”

Unlike the above, the Polish spocz-ac  (rest, religious holiday) is not a borrowing. It may be a  S-B of  שבת  SHaBa(S), Sabbath day (with ת Tahf/T as Sahf/S – as Polish Jews would pronounce it.).

In his book Restoring Abrahamic Faith James D. Tabor adds Abyssinian sanbat, Afghanistan shamba, Assyria sabatu,Borneo sabtu, Caucusus samat, Central Africa assebatu, Java sabtu, Malta issibt,  North Africa assebt, Persian shambit,Turkey essabt and West Africa essibt


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