Origin of English word ACID

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The AHD ignores the D in ACID, from Latin acidus, sour, and offers the alleged Indo-European “root” ak (sharp). This fictional “root” is taken up at the ACUTE entry, and readers may prefer              חד   K[H]ahD, sharp as the Edenic etymon of ACID. 

   חד K[H]ahD is defined as "acute, sharp, shrill" in the Ben-Yehuda dictionary. The term is translated "sharp" or "whetted" in Proverbs27:17 and Ezekiel21:14-15.

Latin acidus (sour) is the initial source of many of the soft-C and D or T (dentals) seen below.  The ultimate, Edenic fricative-dental source is the sour  זית   ZahYiT ( (olive – Genesis 8:11). Hard-C words, with a D or T, are more likely from K[H]ahD (sharp, as in pointy), but the many soft-C + D/T words from a sharp-tasting source are better traced to the Edenic olive.


At the OLIVE entry are forms of   זית ZahYiT like the olives in Arabic, zaytoun, Spanish aceituna and  Po rtuguese azeitona.  Spanish oil, aceite, gets light from the ZahYiT (olive) and leads one to words traced to Latin acidus, sour.  Portuguese “sour” is azado, from the same Edenic olive. Sour words begin with ACESCENCE (the same Latin after French).   French ACID is acide,

Various ACET- words like ACETARY involve an ACIDIC substance in some fruits.

ACETATE,ACETIC, ACETIFY, and several ACETO- and ACET- words are from Latin acetum, vinegar… something sour or ACIDIC, like the ZahYiT or olive,  Olives were harvested from he Neolithic Age, and fermented olives made up the higher-protein vinegar before wine became the dominant source (and named vinegar).. 

Bible Verses

Genesis 8:11 ותבא אליו היונה לעת ערב והנה עלה־זית טרף בפיה וידע נח כי־קלו המים מעל הארץ׃

“And the dove came in to him at eventide; and lo in her mouth an olive-leaf freshly plucked; so Noah knew that the waters were abated from off the earth.”



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