Origin of English word ADOLESCENT

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English Word


Edenic Word


Hebrew Word







[ DLK]


to kindle or burn


This adjective or noun meaning teenager or youth­ful is from the Latin word adolesc(ere), to come to maturity, burn, or be kindled.

דלק DoLaQ is to kindle or burn --  "Kindling the fire" is in Ezekiel24:10.

If you have raised, taught, or been a teenager, the fiery part of this etymology is self-explanatory.  If you prefer the "maturity" side of the Latin root, Joseph T. Shipley's OriginsofEnglishWords groups ADOLESCENT with words like ADULT, ATTITUDE and EXALT. These words are all thought to derive from the Indo-European “root” al, meaning "to nourish, hence grow." עלה [A]LaH means to go up, rise, spring up and grow. Whichever etymological route or root you choose, ADOLESCENCE is recalled by our oldest surviving language, Hebrew.


Words like TORCH might also connect to דלק DoLaQ, as (T / D, R / L,  and CH / K are interchangeable dentals, liquids and gutturals.   להט LaHaDT, Lamed-Hey-Tet, is an anagram of the same elements in דלק DoLaQ (liquid-guttural-dental).   להט LaHaDT infers a blaze, heat or flame. LIGHT comes from   להט LaHaDT as well as from an anagram of דלק  DoLaQ.

The original   "light" is not LT. German light is licht – another form of LHD, LKD or DLK.   Edenic  also has a “burning” youth linguistic equation, in נער N[A] hR (youth) and נר NeR (light, candle).

Bible Verses

Ezekiel 24:10 הרבה העצים הדלק האשׁ התם הבשׂר והרקח המרקחה והעצמות יחרו׃

“heaping on the wood, kindling the fire, that the flesh may be consumed; and preparing the mixture, that the bones also may be burned;”



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