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[(K) OL]




The Indo-European “root” al means "all," and includes ALSO. Indo-European “root” kailo means whole.  KoL or KHoL means all, whole, every.  Many words in English that begin with a vowel may be traced to a guttural (G,K) root word. The He­brew כ K of    כל  KOL or    KHOL begins to soften as the Polish caly (whole, entire) moves westward to the Dutch geheel (all).

The Hebrew root expands to terms like    כליל   KaLeeYL (whole, complete),  כלל  KLaL (total, sum) and     כולל KOALeL (general, universal, and community). The Liquid-Guttural (reversed) antonym of this term for inclusivity is the exclusive   רק    RahQ (only). 

In Exodus 35:1 Moses is assembling  קהל Koof-Hey-Lamed, all , כל    Kahf-Lamed, the people – see    CULL.     קהילה QiHeeYLaH, congegation, thus means a full (ALL), not a partial, gathering.

The built-in opposite of     כל Kahf-Lamed (whole) is   אוכל OOKaL (consumed, eaten away – the burning bush was not “consumed’ in Exodus 3:2.      א Aleph is here a prefix letter of negation, so that     א Aleph (not) +    כל   Kahf-Lamed (whole) = not whole, or eaten away.


Under Indo-European “root” kailo (whole, uninjured, of good omen) are terms like HAIL, HALE, HEAL(TH), and WHOLE(SOME). Nothing combines wholeness and inclusiveness more than the ALL-powerful ALMIGHTY. A Hebrew AL term for the deity, as found in BethEL or DaniEL, corresponds to ALLAH in Arabic and the HALLOWED HOLY One in English.  For H + liquid (L/R) HOLINESS, see “HIEROGLPHICS.”  Words like HOLIDAY are traced to Anglo-Saxon hal (sound, whole), while the Indo-European “root” of CELIBRATE --quai-lo (hale, whole)-- sounds even closer to KoL. See HEALTH.

Other words via Greek holos (whole) include CATHOLIC and HOLOCAUST. J.T. Shipley indicates that HOLOCAUST meant a sacrifice whose victim was wholly burnt. The original Jewish HOLOCAUST was the Ayil-Lamed-Hey [O]aLaH (Exodus29:18). The guttural Ayin recalls Polish  caly (all). For the guttural-dental second, burning element in HOLOCAUST, see CAUTERIZE.

The word WHOLE itself links back to KoL just as WHELP (young dog) does to KeLeBH (dog). In both cases, dropthe Wand restore the H to a K.

The Maya Indians of Central America have terms for ALL such as tulakal and lah. One seems to include KOL, and the other's an "inverted" ALL.


Bible Verses

Exodus 35:1 ויקהל משׁה את־כל־עדת בני ישׂראל ויאמר אלהם אלה הדברים אשׁר־צוה יהוה לעשׂת אתם׃

“And Moses assembled all the congregation of the children of Israel, and said unto them: ‘These are the words which the LORD hath commanded, that ye should do them.’”



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