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Place names are reserved for a later book, but for America an exception will be made. AMERICA means work. The New World was named for Italian navigator Amerigo Vespucci, whose Latinized first name is Americus. Related names like EMERY, AMELIA,  EMORY, MILLICENT and perhaps EMIL(Y) are linked to the Germanic root amal (work, trouble).

  עמל [A]MAL is work, labor, trouble in both Hebrew and Arabic.   Closer when concidering the guttural Ayin, the  גמל GaMaL (camel) does much   עמל GHaMaL (work).  More than occupation, [A]MaL usually implies tiresome, difficult work:   "I applied myself to understand this, but it seemed a hopelesstask till I entered God's sanctuary."  Psalms73:16.


EMULATE and CALAMITY might be related terms of striving and trouble, while  (HiT)[A]MaR  is to treat as a slave.  Basque reverses Mem-Lamed to lan (work).  In Vietnamese, the Ayin is also dropped, but the Mem does not shift nasals: reverse [A]MaL to lam (to work). The liquid shift, Lamed to R, seems to have effected several European words: EMERITUS, like DEMERIT and MERIT, may be related since Latin emereriisto earn by service. Work or labor is the so-called isolate language of Basque is lan (reverse [A]hMaL, with a nasal shift from M → N).-

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