Origin of English word APPREHENSION

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English Word


Edenic Word


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[HZ → prefix+H (+N)Z+suffix]


grasp, handle and hold


APPREHENSION primarily means seizing, taking into custody, arresting.  Later it also got to mean worry.    Latin apprehender (to take hold of) has a prefix before the stem of holding, grasping.  That stem or root according to the theoretical Indo-European roots in the American Heritage Dictionary is “ghend or ghed” (to seize, take.)  This “or” is an admission that ghend is a nasalization of ghed, the common corruption of adding an N to aid pronunciation.

If seeking to replace this ghed with a primeval word  that actually exists, one needs a guttural (gh) and a (d) that means taking or seizing.  APPREHENSION was chosen in the heading because an H-S stem is evident, even if the S may come from an “ –sion” prefix.

Edenic does have a guttural-fricative word meaning to take or grasp:   אחז A[K]HaZ ("taken hold" in Exodus 15:14,  defined to mean grasp, handle and hold.    More on   אחז A[K]HaZ, including the many non-Western forms of this Edenic word are at the HAS entry.   

Words like APPREHEND have the D of of Indo-European “root” ghed (to take hold of), and not the ז   Zayin/ Z of    אחז A[K]HaZ.  But the ז    Zayin does shift to D, via Aramaic, as seen in the AUSCULATE entry.  In this long-documented shift, we hear        אזון EeZOON (listening) allow for words like AUDIENCE. Ghed, therefore, is yet another attempted “root”  that echoes Edenic – in this case Aleph-Het-Zayin.


Under Indo-European “root” ghend or ghed (to seize, take) are many alleged derivatives. These include: APPREHEND, APPRENTICE, APPRISE, BEGET, COMPREHEND, COMPRISE, EMPRISE, ENTERPRISE, ENTREPRENEUR, FORGET, GET, GUESS (see GUESS), MISPRISION, PREGNABLE, PREHENSIBLE, PREHENSION, PRISON, PRIZE, PRY, REPREHEND, REPRISAL, REPRISE and SURPRISE.   (There are several more, but the wacky alchemy that would allow these words to come from these alleged “roots”  does not fit the more conservative criteria of Edenics.)  

Bible Verses

Exodus 15:14 שׁמעו עמים ירגזון חיל אחז ישׁבי פלשׁת׃

“The peoples have heard, they tremble; pangs have taken hold on the inhabitants of Philistia.” (JPS)



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