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ARBOR and eleven related words are from this Latin word for tree. All the Romance languages use the word, but the Portuguese pronounce it arVore.

ערבה   [A]RaBHaH (willow) is a leafy tree worthy of an AR­BORETUM, as seen in Leviticus 23:40, "take . . . boughs of leafy trees, and willows of the brook."  Following the Biblical command, traditional Jews include   ערבות     [A]RaBHOAT(willow branches) in their celebration of Sukkotor Tabernacles.

The weeping willow is not named because weeping is inherent in its graceful drooping. It is the immortal lines of Psalms137:1-2 that made all willows weep: "By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion. We hanged our harps upon the willows in the midst thereof."   The quote here is from the King James version, which generations of English speakers grew up on.   The newer translations (University of Chicago, JPS) render the same tree as a poplar, making   ערבה [A]RaBHaH the more appropriate etymon for a wider, generic tree word like ARBOR.


TREE likewise derives from a Hebrew word for a particular tree. The TiRZaH ofIsaiah44:14 has been trans­lated holm, oak, lime tree and linden tree. The Polish tree, drzewo, retains the Z that is weakened in Greek drys and which is pruned off the Russian (dyerevo), Danish (trae), and Anglo-Saxon (treow) trees. The Aleph-ReshZayin, EReZ, (ceder -- Psalms 29:5) is related to the TiRZaH. An initial Tahf of a 4 root-letter is not the sub-root of treeness. (As is the Tahf at THERAPY. ) The Aleph-Resh-Zayin core-root of trees is grounded in earth, Aleph-Resh-Tsaddi. Secular linguistics doesn’t have a separate root for TREE. The invented Indo-European “root” of tree is deru (to be firm, solid, steadfast), considering a TREE cognate with DURESS, TRIM, TRUCE, TROTH, TRUE and TRUST.

SYCAMORE is borrowed from SHiQMaH (I Kings 10:27), and may be the reason why the Romanian fig is smochin instead of a form of FahG  – see FIG.  See TREE.

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