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The ARCHIVIST and ARCHITECT derive from Indo-European “root” arkhein (to begin, command, rule), a Greek verb of "unknown origin." The above mentioned professions involve organizing, arranging, and setting in order more than giving orders.

The Mishnaic word ארכיון     ARKeeYOAN (ARCHIVE) is borrowed from the Greek, but it has roots, of course, in the Hebrew Bible. ערך [A]iReKH is "order" "arrangement," and even "a dictionary entry";    ערוך [A]ROOKH is "prepared," "put in order;" "edited." The Greek archos (chief) is the    עורך [O]WRayKH, an administrative term that Israelis now reserve for an editor. Prefixed Mem/ M- extensions of  ערך Ayin-Resh-Khaf mean "row," "order," and "rank." "And he set a row of bread in order"     ויערך VaY[A]hRoaKH (Exodus 40:23).

ארג   ARahG  (to plait or weave on a loom – I Samuel 17:7)) sounds like ערך [A]iReKH,(to set in order, to arrange – see ARRANGE)  just as weaving a web is like making a RUG – see “RUG:.   The synonyms differ by a vowel and guttural shift.


All arch, -ARCH, ARCHAO- words are related, including ARCHBISHOP, ARCHON, and MONARCHY. REX and REICH might be regal relatives – see REGAL and REICH for the related sound and sense of RK leadership. A MONARCH (king) and the Basque king, errege,  are both from  עורך   [O]WRaiKH, the Edenic director and organizer.

 Nature's great architect is the ARACHNID (spider) – see “ARRACHNID.” ARRA[N]GE is a nasalized (extra N) of our Ayin-Resh-Khuf root – see ARRANGE..

Related terms of continuity to fill out this ARCHIVE include ARahKH (to be long, continue) and OoWRKHaH (procedure, caravan).  ARCHITECT is a widely borrowed word, while only Dutch spels it like English,

See: ARACHNID, ARRANGE," ORGAN, REGAL and REICH (where RECKON is another RK term of putting in order – see RECKON.) For the mistaken cognates placed here by the dictionary of Indo-European “root”s, see ARCHAIC.

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