Origin of English word ARYAN

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a tribal name


ARYAN is the term used before "Indo-European" for the hypothetical, prehistoric people

who spoke the parent language of the European, Sanskrit, and Iranian languages. The term fell out of favor in the Nazi era when Aryan came to mean any Caucasian of non-Jewish descent.

ARYAN comes from a tribal name in Sanskrit (arya) and in Old Persian (ariya). In IIKings15:25 "men from Argob and “Arieh", אריה ARYayH,  help Pekah overthrow King Pekahiah of Israel. These 'Aryans" were likely a fierce mercenary band with no sympathies for the northern kingdom of Israel. An old Persian connection may be seen in the sons of Haman, three of whom had names beginning with A-R-I. The אריה  ARYayH or   ארי AReeY (lion – Genesis 49:9) is not only the symbol of the tribe of Judah, but a persistent symbol of Iran

Another Sanskrit root suggests that ARYAN means supreme, a good definition for  [E]LYoaN  (Genesis 14:18; Lmed/L shifts to R). 


אריאל   ARIEL (lion of the Diety – II Samuel 23:20) and  אריוך ARYOAK[H] king of Assyria added to the prestige of this name. Tamil (S. India, Sri Lanka) ari is a lion. ארי   AReeY is a short form for lion, as in I Samuel 17:36.  The Old Persian lion is arslan; the Hungarian is aroszlan  (Gina Stefan) .

   More lions at   LEOPARD, SINGAPORE and SLUG.

Bible Verses

II Kings 15:25 ויקשׁר עליו פקח בן־רמליהו שׁלישׁו ויכהו בשׁמרון בארמון בית־מלך את־ארגב ואת־האריה ועמו חמשׁים אישׁ מבני גלעדים וימיתהו וימלך תחתיו׃

“And Pekah the son of Remaliah, his captain, conspired against him, and smote him in Samaria, in the castle of the king's house, by Argob and by Arieh; and with him were fifty men of the Gileadites; and he slew him, and reigned in his stead.”



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