Origin of English word ASH TREE

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English Word


Edenic Word


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[ A-SH-(l)]


shade tree


From Old English oesc, the ASH tree is leafy and sturdy.

אשל   AySHeL is a Biblical shade tree (Genesis21:33) usually mistranslated as a tamarisk (which is a date palm — see "TAMARISK").    In ISamuel22:6 the   אשל AySHeL is "on the height" like a mountain ASH tree.  The vowel-fricative Edenic tree root is grounded by עץ [A]yTS, tree, wood or timber (Genesis 2:9).


אשוח ASHOOa[K]H is a fir tree. The אשל  AySHeL, tamarisk tree, that Abraham planted in Genesis21:33 grew, against all odds, to be a mightier tree or empire  than ASSYRIA -  אשור ASHOOR being their god of empire and symbol of expansiveness. The region was full of sacred trees or  אשרה ASHeRaH worshi .  Ashera worship, denounced by biblical prophets, is a Phoenician-Syriac rite identified with Astarte.  (Fundamentalist Christians are right to disdain the Christmas tree as a pagan object of veneration.)  ASAK is a sacred East Indian tree, from the Dravidian (S. India) below.

Abraham's grandson אשר   ASHER (good fortune) has the tribal symbol of a wide, spreading tree.

  In German,  Esche  is an ash tree from  אשל   AySHeL, while Holtz, wood is from [A]iTS , wood, tree.

While the words from עץ   [A]yTS  more often mean “wood” than a “tree” around the world,  there is a forest of  vowel-fricative trees to consider:

Brazilian     assai           palm tree

Cherokee        atzina    tree

Chinese        uhs            tree  (reversing   shu, tree, typical for Asian languages)

German        Esche       ash tree

Hindi             asok          sacred tree   

Igbo/Nigeria  osisi         tree, wood, stick

Japanese      hashira    sacred tree log (see below)

Latvian uozol         oak tree

Mohawk        ehsa ash tree

Polish          os(h)         axle-tree

Sanskrit        asoka        sacred tree

Sumarian       asa, az       myrtle tree

                       asal, asar  poplar tree

Turkish         aayas          tree

Those who  make the case for some kind of historical contact between ancient Israelites and pre-Shinto Japanese like to point out that hashira is a deified tree log, just like the  אשרה ASHeRaH above.   Hashira isnow defined  as a column or pillar.  Primitive columns or pillars were tall trees or tree logs. High and straight (see “SERIES”) structures like obelisks were deified in Ancient Egypt, and are still venerated in cities like London and Washington D.C.  [Wendy Cohn]


Bible Verses

Genesis 21:33 ויטע אשׁל בבאר שׁבע ויקרא־שׁם בשׁם יהוה אל עולם׃

"And Abraham planted a tamarisk-tree in Beer-sheba, and called there on the name of the LORD, the Everlasting God."



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