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[ AD]


Prep. indicating location or time


AT means to, by, toward, on or close to a time.  The Indo-European “root” of AT is ad (to, near, at).  The Latin equivalent is also  ad (to, near, at).  עד AhD means until, up to or as far as. עד AhD means until, up to or as far as.  “and they came unto Haran" /    עד   AhD - Genesis11:31.  See TO.


This entry could have been named after AD words  (see AD INFINITUM) like ADEPT, ADHERE, etc. AD NAUSEAM, but AT is more easily recognized, and the Dalet /D) to T correspondence is clearly established. The term AD INFINITUM echoes with the other, opposite meaning of [A]hD AD, eternity. Similarly,  OAD (see ADD) means not stopping AT someplace but going on further.

Whether this preposition refers to a point in time or in space, it is clear that AD-, AT, TO, and ADO all go back to  AhD. [A]iT is time;  ET is the definitive accusative. The final syllable in MASSACHUSETTS is a locative meaning AT.  ATHaR is a place or size; EeTeR is to localize. TO is from IE “root” de, a reversal of [A]hD. This Vowel-dental  easily shifts tor AT (up TO).

Chinese dui is the preposition “to,” and is about where two facing spaces begin and end (X148).

German  zu   means  to, towards, at and up to. עד AhD, up to, is reversed, with the Z=D shift from Aramaic seen with the AUDIO at AUSCULATE.   A similar shift is seen with AID, see SUCCOR. –AD, AD, ADO, ADJUVANT, AID, AMOUNT, AT  and PARAMOUNT are all alleged cognates to the American Heritage Dictionary (AHD).  

Italian di (at, to, etc.) is typical of similar Indo-European prepositions, the עד AhD, up to, reversed to a D and a vowel.    

The Spanish form of Ayin-Dalet is hasta (until, up to).  The Ayin-to-H shift is easier when you recall that Ayin is also GH, when you see the Spanish in the HERD entry and when you recal that Hebreo and Hebrew are borrowed from Ayin-Bhet-Resh-Yod. ST is also a dental, which can come from Dalet.

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