Origin of English word AURA

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[OaR ]


AURA has no IE “root”. There’s the Indo-European “root” aurum (gold – see ORIOLE and AURORA is traced to aus-1 (to shine), this “root” resembling  אש AiSH, fire (see “ASIA).

  אורה OaWRaH (light) appears in Esther 8:16, but the first  אור OaWR (“light” in the Genesis 1:3 verse of Creation) is better translated as “a luminous radiation.”  This is the second definition for AURA in Merriam-Webster, so AURA is more glowing than mere light.  The   א-ר Aleph-Resh and

  ר-א     Resh-Aleph  words,   אור OWR (light) and   ראה Rah’AH (to see) are profoundly related. There is no sight without light. These are reverse synonyms.

  אור OWR, light, enables sight.  The slight switch from Aleph to vowel-Ayin gives us עור [E]e(V)eR, blind . [AURA] (Rahel Sherman)


RAY (a beam of light or radiation) also has no Indo-European “root.”  But the AHD that does not give these “roots” has RAY and “radius” coming from Latin ray. It is unlikely that a caveman with a PhD named the RAY as being a straight line. More likely it was RAYS of light that named the lines seen in the sun’s RADIANT RADIATION.   Rae is vision in Old Irish.

RAY is like AURA reversed, just as reversing א-ר Aleph-Resh/A-R allows for   ראה   Rah’AH,  to see.

Sight and light infer perception. Correct perception leads to YiRAH (translated “fear” or “awe” and the source of AWE. (See the WR words from Resh.)  Incorrect perception leads to Resh-Ayin, R[A]h, wrong – see WRONG.

For several luminous or golden “AUR” words, see ORIOLE. Reverse to RA   for the Egyptian sun god.

For more on the Resh-vowel sight/light formula see MIRROR.             More liquid-vowel vision at “LO!” 

Among Spanish OaWR (light) words, aureo means golden, aureola is a halo andaurora means dawn. (Mark Feffer)    Latin aurum (gold) and Old English ora are the proposed sources of ORE.  But ORE in German, Yiddish, Dutch and Hungarian is Erz, erts, erts and erc.The suggest that ORE is not from one mineral (gold) but from a vowel-R-TS/Z word like Edenic AReTS (earth – see EARTH). If history supports the idea that mining ore began with Semites rather than the ancestors of the Romans, it is possible that a word like MINERAL (which means ORE in the Romance languages) is from MeeN (from – see MINUS) + AReTS, that is “from the earth.”  If there was such an ancient Semitic borrowing (more logical for a word combination regarding technology), this would explain why no IE “root” could be offered for words like MINE, MINER and MINING.    The Finnish sun is aur inko.  Urimmu is special light in Igbo (Nigeria), recalling the אורים OoReeYM, oracular gems of the priestly b reastplate that would light up (Exodus 28:30).

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