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Aus and culture are two elements in the Latinate term AUSCULATE (to listen). The term is now used in medicine (as well as in Rumanian).  

אזן   OaZeN is an ear ( Psalms 115:6.).

  אזון    EeZOON is listening. "Giveear, ye heavens . ..andlet the earth hear" - Deuteronomy32:1.  אזן OaZeN is an ear (Exodus 29:20).


Listen to the Hebrew A-S-N in both the Gothic term for ear, auso, and the Basque term for hearing, eNtzun. (The experts insist that Basque has "no known linguistic affinities.")

Arabic hears the word differently and renders it udhn. (The Hebrew  Zayin / Z is often hardened to a "d" in Arabic and Aramaic; Hebrew Ezra became Greek Esdras.  Basque   burdina ( iron) is from   ברזל   BaRZeL  (iron).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ) The Arabic ear term allows us a link with all the AUDIO words like AUDIBLE, AUDIENCE, and AUDITORIUM (from Latin audire to hear). Another Zayin to D shift is seen at APPREHENSION. Other example of the Semitic  ז Zayin/Z –to-D shift involves the     זבוב Z’BHOOBH or fly. In Arabic doubaba is a fly. Also,  זבול   ZVOOL renders “dwell,” – see DWELL. More of this non-standard shift below and in The Origin of Speeches.

OTOLOGY, the medical study of the ear, derives from Greek ear words like ous and otos.  Tsadi / TS is also seen making this fricative to dental shift at “SORE.’

AID is similarly from an Ayin-Zayin verb, עזר [A]hZahR, to aid or assist – see “IAD” and “SUCCOR/.”

An example of English Z from Edenic Dalet/D involves GRAZE.  There is no Indo-European “root” for GRAZE (to scrape or scratch the surface… for animals to feed in pastures). This is another גרד GayRaiD scraping word –see GRADE. 

For the many S-N words of AUDIBILITY, see SOUND.

A metathesis using this Aramaic-based Zayin-to-D letter shift involves the Spanish pig, cerdo. CRD is from Het-Resh-Zayin (these last two switching order since Babel).  K[H]aZeeYR is the Biblical pig. Het-Zayin-(Yod)-Resh. Het became the C, Zayin shifted to D (as in the AUDIO words above) and became the 3rd letter, while Resh, the 3rd Hebrew letter, becamer the 2nd Spanish letter.

The Creator of Hebrew knew the profound connection be­tween anatomical audio equipment, the     אזן OaZeN (ear) and the sense of balance.  Medical science only knew this in the late 20th Century.   אזן EeZaiN is also to weigh or balance (Ecclesiastes 12:9). The osprey, hawk, or etc.. birds who balance in the wind currents, are the עזניה [A]ZNeeYaH (Leviticus 11:13). Are you hearing one of many thousands of lucky coincidences?

Now hear this: (muv)azene is balance in Turkish; (t)ezina is weight in Serbo-Croatian. Sikin is ear in Maya, which may be switching the last two letters of a fully shifted Shin-Mem-Ayin  (hear).

The second definition of  OZeN is handle. An ANSATE jug is one with handles (or looping ears). Note the metathesis.  The Indo-European root ans and Latin ansa means handle or loop.


Bible Verses

Psalms 115:6 אזנים להם ולא ישׁמעו אף להם ולא יריחון׃

“They have ears, but they hear not; noses but they smell not;” (JPS) Note corrections here



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