Origin of English word AUXILIARY

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Latin auxilioris to help or assist. A simple L/R change from Grimm's Laws recalls עוזר [O]aWZeR (to "help"- Isaiah41:6).  Eve was to be an  עזר [A]yZeR ("fitting helper"- Genesis2:18) or an AUXILIARY.  She was not meant to be merely an ANCILLARY (maidservant; helper). With A-N-C-L, the Edenic etymon shows us that the N is a nasalization (nonhistoric addition to aid pronunciation).   The two 2-letter roots behind   עזר   Ayin-Zayin-Resh are    עז [O]aZ (strength  – Genesis 49:3)  and    זר   ZahR (foreign   – see  STRANGE).  Assistance means outside strength.


ASSIST is more likely from [A]hZahR SSR than from Latin ad (to) + sistere (to make stand). SUCCOR, to help or aid, requires flipping letters #1 and #2 of the Edenic etymon, and employing the guttural Ayin /GH that provided the hard C sound – see SUCCOR.

To help or support in Hittite (extinct IE) is sardi.

AXILLA (armpit), AXIL (upper angle between twig and stem) and AXLE relate to  ATSeeYL (armpit, elbow, joint - Jeremiah28:12) and TSeeYR (axle, axis, pivot, hinge). Relating to all the XL terms here are AZahR (to fortify) and ZiRoW[A]h (arm, strength).

A Greek word for “defending” or coming to the aid of someone is alexein.  This is an M132 metathesi of   עוזר [O]aWZeR [vowel]-fricative-liquid, with the L coming from Resh/R, and the X from Zayin/Z.  Greek alexein is important for the first half of the name ALEXANDER. The name of Alexander the Great spread far and wide, giving us a lesson in how various people’s hear the same name. There’s  Arabic skandar, Corsican Lisander, Hungarian sender, Maltese Lixandra, Uzbek Iskandar, Yiddish Sander  and Lex Luthorof DC Comics.

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