Origin of English word BABU

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The word BABU is addressed in the entry: BOOBY

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BOOBY is an idiot or dunce.  The lowest score receives a BOOBY PRIZE.  The alleged IE “root” of BOOBY is baba (“root imitative of  unarticulated or indistinct speech; also a child’s nursery word for a baby and for various relatives.”)  Thank you, AHD, for this epitome of discarded, Eurocentric etymological babble.

90% of all father words in the world come from forms of Alep-Bet (see ABBOT), yet these scholars would make all fathers, like the Hindu BABU, a cognate of BABBLE (see BABBLE), the BABY (see BABY) and the BARBARIAN.  The infant-idiot connection is made at MORON.

Babies who cry “baba” are not calling to suckle from their father or grandmother (BABUSHKA), but for the double bilabial PIP to IMBIBE (beber is to drink in Spanish) PAP from a fleshy breast (BB term in slang) or an artificial feeding tube (see PIPE).  Middle English pappe and Latin pappila, whence  PAPPILA, and PAPULE, mean nipple.  The suckling BABE is as oblivious as a PUPPY or PUPA (post-larval insect). Nasalized PAMPER comes from Flemish pamperen, to cram with food.  One follows the pipeline of this PAMPERED BOOBY, the BABY, to find an Edenic pipe.

This pipe is the אבוב   ABOOBH, a hollow pipe or tube derived from jointed reeds or knotgrass, an extension of  AiBHe, H (reed - Job9:26).  נבוב NiBHOOBH is hollow (Exodus27:8).  


Of the AHD’s “cognates,” only BABE and BAMBINO are legitimate. For the many derivatives from the Edenic BB pipeline, see entries like BABY and PIPE.”

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