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Webster's contends that Middle English badde (bad, worthless) is from Anglo-Saxon baddel (hermaphro­dite) - a bisexual imposter.  BAD is defined as "not good, not as it should be, incorrect, immoral and not valid."

בדאות BahDahOOT (deceit, fraud),   בדה BaDaH (to lie, concoct), and התבדה HiTBaDaH (to come to nothing) all form better etymons. BD is a "lying" term seen in Nehemiah6:8; in Isaiah16:6 translators prefer "boastings" or "iniquity."  Bet-Dalit falsity, בדה   BaDAh (to lie – I Kings 12:33), is about isolating, idividualizing thus warping the truth.  BAD faith here is separated and subjective truth. See BAT and the isolating conjunction BUT at “DIVIDE.”  The like-sounding opposite of  BAD is BIDE (trust), as in בטח BoaDTayah[K]H (trust – see BET). In Edenics it is natural that this BD sound means falsehood and its opposite.

BAD is the opposite of GOOD in that the GD or guttural-dental sound is that which is together (see GATHER and GOOD).  One man’s BAD can be another man’s GOOD, when that BAD is merely a narrow, misrepresented perspective.

Morally wrong (bad) is baatil in Arabic.


בדוי   שם SHaiM BaDOOY  is a pseudonym or false name.  Tet-Bhet,  DTOABH (good – see DIVINE) reversed to bilabial-dental evokes "bad."

BA'aSH  (bad smell – see BISON) and BeeYSH (an Aramaic term for BAD) also evoke "bad" since Aramaic SH and Hebrew dentals (T,D) interchange  – see  TERZA RIMA.

FAULT(Y), from French faut, and VICE, vicious and VITIATE from Latin VITium are possibly related. FAITOUR (an imposter), PERFIDY and FUDGE (a false story) have weak etymologies that might be upgraded with the Hebrew etymons here.

For bilabial-dental antonyms of FIDELITY see FAITH.

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Dan   4/1/2017 2:58:00 PM
What about litbayesh - to be ashamed

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