Origin of English word BARE

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To take away, expose..


BARE, naked, has been fitted with a so-called Indo-European “root” with no sound corresponance.  Bhoso  is alleged to mean”naked” because a theoretical Germanic stem bazaz may have meant so.  There is no attempt by the AHD to explain how the Anglo-Saxon baer  (bare) came about, or the Swedish and Old Danish bar(bare). The word means 1) uncovered, 2) cleared out, or 3) plain and simple.  Semitically-challenged lexicographers are emperers that wear no clothes.

 The BARE facts about all these missing sources are BARED below:

1)     פרוע PaROO[A]h is bareheaded (Leviticus13:45  – see FREAK and FREE).

2)     בער Be[A]iR ("I have clearedout the consecrated portion" - Deuteronomy26:13.

3)    ברה    BaRAh (to cut down trees - "go up to the forest coun­try and clear an area" - Joshua17:15).

4)    בר    BahR (pure, clear) Psalms24:4.   See PURE. Purification and waste removal often comes

     from fire, so also see the Bet-Resh at BURN.

5)   באר     Ba’AiR (to expose, explain - Deuteronomy1:5).

6)    ברור     BAROOR (evident, lucid, clear). That is why a

     French glass is verre, and why self-evident truth is VERITY (see VERY).

7) בהיר     BaHeeYR (clear, bright – Job 37:21)

    Even the reversed Vav-Resh of [E]RVah (nakedness -- Exodus 28:42) would have provided a less Bozo-worthy etymon.


The AHD alsodoes not explain why their listed cognate, BALLAST, is related to nakedness   BALLAST is added to balance a ship’s hold , see PeLe$ (balance, scales) at BALANCE.

Japanese bareru means to be exposed or found out.

  To BURN away is to clear out, clarify and PURIFY.  All these bilabial-liquids all related – see BURN and PURE.  For more uncluttered bilabial-liquid clarity, see PURE and VERY.

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