Origin of English word BARN

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The word BARN is addressed in the entry: BARLEY

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grain or corn


BARLEY is from Anglo-Saxon bere; the Indo-European “root” bhares (barley) ties in FARINA, FARRAGO,  and BARN

בר BaR is grain or corn -- Genesis42:3 " . . .Joseph's brothers went down to get grain rations in Egypt."  בריה BeeRYaH is food (for fattening an animal) -- II Samuel 13:5.   . בריא BaReeYE means  health, (originally meaning “well fed.”)

If something sounds coarse or uncultivated about this grain for animal food, follow the   ב-ר Bet-Resh of BOOR and BARRIO.    ברה BaRaH means to eat—see DEVOUR.   Similar in Akkadian and Syriac.    ברות BaROAT means food in Lamentations  4:10, as does   ברות   BaROOT in Psalms 69:22.

  ב-ר Bet-Resh is about consumption, as seen in DEVOUR and WEAR.”  The   ב-ר Bet-Resh and  ל-ב Lamed-Bhet of   חלב [K]HeLeBH (animal fat) share the liquid-bilabial sound and sense of food for fattening  – see GALAXY.

  The    אכבר     AKHBaR (mouse)   <   עכל      [A]KHal or אכל OKHeL (consume)

    +   בר BaR (grain), as the mouse  is the  grain destroyer or eater.  


As usual, the generic Edenic root or term became specialized. Farina means flour in most Romance languages – see FARINA.

Another Indo-European “root” from BR is puro (grain) which includes FURZE and PYRENE.

BEER and BARM are from BiROOR (froth, lather, suds) and BahR.  BiR'YaH (IISamuel 13:5) and BiRoaT (Psalms 69:22) are general food terms. BERSEEM (fodder) is formally linked to Arabic.

Bras and bira are terms for rice among the dialects of Malay.

Back to BARLEY as fattening fodder-like food, in Japanese abura means fat. Edenic  BiReeY (Ezekiel 34:20), and BaReeYE  mean fat.  When these foods are heated in food preparation, like BARLEY hops for BEER, one has to consider the Bet-Resh of brewing by fire at BURN.

Bible Verses

Genesis 42:3 וירדו אחי־יוסף עשׂרה לשׁבר בר ממצרים׃

“And Joseph's ten brethren went down to buy corn from Egypt.”



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