Origin of English word BARRED

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The word BARRED is addressed in the entry: BARRICADE

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There is no IE “root” for BARRICADE or the security BAR.  Old French barre and Latin barraare the given sources for bolt-like BARs and BARRIERs with which to BAR or BARRICADE the door. The preposition BAR in the Aramaic phrase בר מנן BahR MiNaN (except for him) cor­responds to English phrases like "bar none."

BARRICADE is more likely from the Edenic barrier, the  בריח   BaReeYa[K]H, than from the accepted Old French barrique (a barrel).  Enemy advances were not BARRED by barrels, unless the French were serving them wine.

Beyond the Aramaic preposition of exclusion  are Biblical Hebrew  nouns of keeping out. "All these were fortified cities with high walls, gates and BARS" – בריח   BaReeYa[K]H    (IIChronicles14:6).

The more generic BAR infers a BOARD or בריח BaReeYa[K]H (translated BAR or "BOLT") common to Biblical con­struction sites (see Exodus 36:33).

 BARRIERS BAR break-outs as well as break-ins.  ברח    BaRaK[H] is to flee (Genesis 31:22) .   The hiphil   הבריח Hee[V]ReeYaK[H] is to cause to flee or "put to flight" (IChronicles8:13).   בריח BaReeYaK[H] is a fugitive.  The built-in opposite of all this breaking out and escaping is our בריח BaReeYa[H]K, a bar or bolt to prevent escape (YJS).

The opposite of  בר BahR as obstruction is seen in terms like בר BahR (open field, suburb – see  BARRIO) and  ברור   BaROOR (clear – see PURE) – see  BARE and BARRIO.


The BARRAGE of BAR words includes BAR­KEEPER, BARREL, BARRETTE, BARRISTER and BARROOM. The WEIR (dam) bars water.  Spanish also has a protective b arra, barrear and barricada for BAR, BARRIER and BARRICADE.   Verrou is a French lock or bolt.  

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