Origin of English word BARRIO

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suburb, field, campus


Before inferring an Hispanic ghetto, BARRIO (from Latin barra) meant a suburb.

Suburb is the primary definition of בר    BaR, which also means a field or campus. It is rendered "open field" in Job39:4, and, with help from Grimm's Laws, it aids   אפר APHoaR (meadow, pasture) to give us words like bilabial-liquid words of open land like FIELD, POLAND (polya  is a Polish field), PRAIRIE, PURLIEU, VELT and WILD.    (More Pey-Resdh wildness at FREAK.)

מדבר MiDBaR (wilderness, sometimes mistranslated as “desert” ) is a stretch or measure  (see Mem-Dalet/MD    מד at METER) of open land (our Bet-Resh/BR בר  etymon).    ערבה [A]RaBHaH (BR reversed) is a prairie, desert or steppe.  Is it related to   ערב [A]RaBH (Arabia).

בירה BeeYRaH (I Chronicles 29:1), is a large, fortified city, is an historic “antonym” for the sub-urban BARRIO  (see SINGAPORE).


An extension and almost an antonym of BaR is BeeYRaH (capital city, castle, fort, sanctuary). A BO­ROUGH was a buruh (town, fortified place).  BeeYRaH , as in Nehemia1:1, is a fine etymon for words like BURG, BURGER, WEIR, BOURG (village near a castle), BOURGEOIS and BURH.  See BOROUGH.  Reverse B-R to get URB(AN) – see URBAN..

BeeYRa(NeeYT) is a BARONIAL palace, fortified castle or "fortress" in IIChronicles27:4. Via the IE “root” bhergh (high), one may include BARROW, ICEBERG, BELFRY, BURGLAR, FORCE, FORT, FORTE, FORTITUDE, FORTRESS, COMFORT, EFFORT, EN­FORCE, FORTIFY and REINFORCE. FORT might also be a #2-#3 letter flip of BeeYTSOOR (fort).

VILLAGE need not come from the urban or suburban Hebrew etymons above, despite the fact that Byr is "village" in Old Norse, and varos is "town" in Hungarian. VILLAGE is supposed to mean a farm, via the Latin villa. K’FaR (village -ISamuel6:18) may be behind VILLAGE and FARM. KoFReeY is a farmer, as is the Scottish CROF(TER).

The city of SINGAPORE comes from the Sanskrit version of BeeYRaH (city). Pur merely shifts the B to a P. Now change the R to an L and you have the Indo-European “root” for (COSMO)POLITAN city words - pele (citadel, fortified high place). The primary Hebrew etymon is [O]aPHeL (fortified hill). For wild creatures of the BaR, like BEAR and BOAR, see FEROCIOUS.

For the other half of Singapore –see SINGAPORE.   Also see METROPOLIS and  DELTA.

Bible Verses

Job 39:4 יחלמו בניהם ירבו בבר יצאו ולא־שׁבו למו׃

“Their young ones wax strong, they grow up in the open field; they go forth, and return not again.”



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